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Are You Looking For Seo Services In Cork?

SEO Services in Cork

Are you a Cork company looking for search engine optimization services? Are you unsure of the value of SEO to your business? Whether SEO is right for you is not really a subjective assessment. Your decision lies in the numbers. If the searches being made by consumers is worth your website being optimized for search then the answer is simple, you should do it.

The Importance Of Search Engine Optimization In Cork

In the general search engine marketing should be a priority for most Cork businesses. Consumers today don’t use the yellow pages they ask Google what they want and whatever Google replies with is their choice of options. If your website is there it can send many new customers your way and dramatically change your business for the better. Being on page 1 on Google is prime real estate now and like having your business on Patrick Street.

So How Does Tdd Get You To Top Of Search?

How To Get Your Business To Number 1 On Search

Getting to page 1 of Google requires the knowhow and the speed at which you can get there will depend greatly on the skills of the SEO company you employ. A highly skilled SEO team will get you there quicker and hence at less cost then a bad one. SEO is complex and using the right techniques in the right way is what determines the level of success.

The SEO Steps

Search Word Research Step1

Search Word Research

We research what people are searching around the services you provide. It is essential your website is optimizing around what people are looking for and search wording they are using.

Planning & Objectives Step2

Planning & Objectives

Where is your market and where are you most likely to get business from? There is no point if you are a dentist in Dublin optimizing your website for the whole of Ireland. You may even want to optimize it for your part of Dublin. We will put together an SEO plan for your website to get it on the first page of search engines in a certain period of time for right searches

Website Health Check Step3

Website Health Check

Google and other search engine want healthy websites. They reward healthy ones and downgrade those that are not. We run a full health check on your website to find page and crawl errors, data structure problems, broken links, missing alt tags and other technical issues. We also run a speed test of your website and correct any issue delaying download speed as search engines put great emphasis on this now.

Mobile Optimisation Step4

Mobile Optimisation

Since April 2015 Google is punishing websites that don’t pass their mobile optimization test. Run a check on your website and see if you pass the test.

On Site Optimisation Step5

On Site Optimisation

We ensure all your on site page titles, descriptions and keywords are all correct for what you want to achieve. We also look at the content and the structure of that content on all your pages.

Off Site Optimisation Step6

Off Site Optimisation

This is where the hard work starts and their are no short cuts. Once all the onsite health checks and structural issues are right the role of off site optimization takes over. Getting this right is what will really separate your website from the rest. TDD have a unique set up that makes us leaders in the field of off site optimization success.

Off Site Optimisation Strategies

Link BuildingLink Building

Quality here is better than quantity and black hat techniques should be avoided at all costs. We have the know how to deliver high quality link building that achieves results through relevant website and we will also have you listed in over 50 search engines and directories.

Social SharingSocial Sharing

This is growing in importance with search engines as they use it as an assessment of the quality of your content. The key to this is doing it properly and not in a spam like fashion as search engines can see through it. We do specific content sharing which search engines love and reward greatly. We can have your content shared across the internet and search engines will reward you handsomely for it.

Local listingsLocal listings

We also do local listing as well for your site to improve local searches. This particularly important for business where their locality is where they target market is.


Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization and we can produce this content for you. We have experienced writers who work in conjunction with our SEO team in structuring and wording the contact best and also making it appeal to social media.

SEO Plan


Being successful on search engines is not down to one factor but a variety of different criteria your website needs to work at. The criteria is varied from content on your website pages, to link building authority, to social media sharing, to name but a few and even this is constantly evolving.

SEO In Cork With TDD

The Digital Department understands better than our competitors how search engines appraise your website and apply the most advanced techniques available to get you to the top of the search rankings. We have one of the most skilled SEO teams in Ireland and also we have developed a resource base and internet network that is second to known and something that our competitors can not match.

Search engine marketing or SEO is making sure your website is optimized to reply to what people are searching for in relation to what you offer. In other words, how do you fair in the rankings for the product or service you provide? At The Digital Department, we analyze your product or service before the website design stage and find out what you are selling and what people are searching for. We then guide the optimization process through the web design stage and beyond.

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