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Magento is one of the best and most popular Ecommerce platforms and one that TDD highly recommends for some of our clients. If you are looking to build an online store that is robust, secure, and with flexible functionality Magento is the platform of choice for both small and large retailers. Magento is an open source platform allowing you not just to avail of its inbuilt functionality but also to custom any functionality you require. At TDD we have certified and highly qualified Magento Developers that will guide you along the way.  Read also full web design development service.


Value is at the centre of everything we do. We have Ecommerce solutions for all size businesses and budgets and our diverse client base is testament to that. The quality we deliver to prices we charge are about the best in the business and helped cement our reputation as one of the leading Ecommerce website providers around. You can trust every euro you spend with us is well spent and will add real value to your business.


No matter what size business you are your website is the face of your business and getting it right is essential. Our design and development team love working with small business and entrepreneurs and delivering them big design solution at a highly competitive cost. Our rates are attractive to large companies and affordable to start ups and small business looking for high quality work. Also check out web development online trading voucher grants.


When your site is done we will give you the support, training and advice you need to make it succeed. We also have support and marketing packages for all size business to drive your business into the future. Read about our Magento maintenance service.  

Our magento service

At TDD we don't just build great website but we help all size business be successful online.

website strategy
Magento Strategy & Advice

Before you start your Magento store we take the time to discuss with you the best approach to it. Design, communication, website store structure are all considerations that will ultimately define your success.

Budget flexibility
Flexible Solutions & Budgets

Whatever your budget we can help customise a solution for you. We can looks at customized or themed solutions to help you achieve your goals within your budget.

mobile friendly
Mobile Responsive

Your Magento store today must be mobile friendly and deliver a great user experience for customers on your site. We design your Magento store specifically for mobile screens and make sure the user interface is perfectly optimised.

Google friendly
Search Engine Friendly

Magento is a search friendly platform and a site that performs on Google will deliver more relevant traffic and sales. When your website is being built getting the structure right is paramount. We are the SEO experts.

Beautiful Design & Layout

We have a specific design team who will layout your Magento store’s look and feel. We offer big brand store design to all size business.

Training & Support

Managing the Magento platform is key and we are here to help you. Once your webstore is done we offer you the training and support to help you make your online journey a success.

Enterprise Grants

TDD have done over 60 online trading vouchers through the local enterprise boards. We love working with all the small business. Read more on Online Trading Vouchers.

Amazon Marketplace

TDD are one of Ireland’s few specialist Amazon marketplace marketing companies. We can help you with anything from product listing, listing optimisation, and Amazon marketing strategies.

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Magento is the most popular system because it offers many advantages over other Ecommerce Platforms.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Capability
    Magento has enhanced functionality to allow your website to attract organic traffic. There is also scope for further SEO implementations to improve SEO further.
  • Systems Integration
    For many companies integrating their current systems with their new ECommerce system is essential. Magento again has integration at the heart of it.
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Your Products
    This can make a huge impact on a business’s sales on their website if done properly. This is the ability to prompt customers to buy more based on what they are buying or looking at already. Magento does this better than most.
  • Shopping Filters
    The online shopping experience offers the luxury of filtering and shoppers love it. This is narrowing down your choices based on your preferences. Magento has a great ability to facilitate this and make the shopping experience easy while on your website.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Being Mobile is now key to success online. Magento’s responsive configuration is one of the best around to facilitate easy online shopping.
  • Great Content Management System
    Magento offers an easy to use backend content management system that allows online store owners to run their own stores day to day.
  • Powerful and Spacious
    Magento ECommerce can amazingly carry hundreds of thousands of products in one webstore and facilitate tens of thousands of orders in an hour.
  • Extensions for ECommerce
    As Magento now is one of the most popular ECommerce platforms and open source developers all over the world are developing extension to make it better. This gives you fantastic scope to increase the capability of your online store over time.

See our full ECommerce development service.

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