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The Background of Lead Conversion

Marketing Automation

Crazy Fact

Did you know 90% of enquiries do not turn into sales?

Marketing Automation

Main Reason

It is not price. The No. 1 reason is inadequate engagement with the prospect during the deliberation phase.

Marketing Automation

Question Most Business Owners Want To Know.

How could we manage this process better to increase the rate of conversion to sales?

Marketing Automation

The Solution Is Simple, Its Full Marketing Automation

We can increase your lead conversion rate by up 200%

& You Don’t have to do a Thing.

What Marketing Automation Looks Like In Practice?

Marketing automation is about following your leads journey and reacting to their behaviour in the most appropriate way to get them to buy your service. We ‘FRAME’ your customer to think more favourably about you than your competitors and guide them down a funnel right to purchase your service.

If its 50:50 between you and your competitor we make 75:25 in your favour.

Marketing Automation Explained

With Alan, MD at The Digital Department

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