Marketing Referral Programme- The Digital Department

Make Easy Money Through Your Contacts


Introduction to TDD’s Marketing Referral Partnership

The Digital Department is a leading digital marketing company that provides websites and mobile applications to clients across all sectors. We are looking to expand our client base and need you to help us find people looking for digital solutions such as websites and mobile apps. To help us make these connections we have launched our Referral Program which invites people to make these connections for us and get rewarded handsomely in the process.


How it works?

Whether you are a business or a private individual among your friends, associates, or business networks you probably know somebody who needs a website or mobile application for their business and done to the highest standards. Whether they are large companies or local shops we would be interested in speaking with them about their desired solution.


What do I have to do?

What you have to do is very simple and that’s why we call it easy money. You simply have to make the introduction between us and the prospective client and if the project goes ahead you get your reward.


Who is the program open to?

The referral program is open to anybody who helps us make a connection with a business requiring our services. So whether you are part time or full time working, a professional business person, or a student the program is open to you. You may even work in a business that needs a website. It is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash without taking up your time. We also work with clients from many countries around the world so referrals from all places are welcome.


How much can I earn?

Just for making the introduction you get 10% of the value of the project. Typically the value of a project can be anywhere from €1500 to €20000 so you can earn anything between €150 to €2000 per introduction.


How do I make introductions?

Through your contacts you may know somebody who doesn’t have a website or mobile app and you think they would like one or are planning one. You simply email us and tell us you are referring a client and make the introduction between us. We will then manage all negotiations and discussions to ensure we are meeting the clients needs and get the project going.


How do I find referrals?

There are a variety of effective ways in which to find referrals

  • Just by keeping your ears open as to who might be needing a website or app.
  • Do you attend a business network?
  • Do you know anyone starting up a business?
  • Do you know anybody who doesn’t have a website but should or needs it redeveloped?
  • Ask on your social networks if anyone is looking for a good website or mobile app designer


What kind of businesses can I refer?

We deal with all types of business from restaurants to drinks companies to technology companies. For mobile applications we are particularly strong in retail, hospitality, and events.

So why not register with us now if you are interested in making some easy money on our referral program or even send us a referral you already have.