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The Digital Department is one of Cork’s leading digital marketing agencies for small and medium size business. We have fantastic cost-effective online marketing solutions to help businesses generate more leads and sales. We have proven track record in changing businesses online presence and bringing them to the next level of marketing.


  • Paid Search & Lead Generation

    Instant leads & Enquiries

    Get your business top of Google when people search for your service or products.  TDD are leaders in results driven pay per click marketing. It can change your business.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Highly Targeted & Cost Effective

    Social media is a fantastic and cost effective way to create awareness and demand for your products and services. We can run a full social media strategy for you.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Be number 1 on Google

    Being top of Google organic search is internet real estate and can change your business performance. TDD has a proven track record in getting results clients top of search.

  • Targeted internet Banner Advertising

    Target users by website behaviour

    Targeted banner advertising is a very cost effective way of getting your adverts in front of people who’s behaviour online says they are interested in businesses like yours.

  • ECommerce Sales

    Find the audience that buy from you.

    TDD are experts in online store marketing and get your products in front of the audience that will buy them. We can market your products across search, shopping and social media.

  • Social Media Shopping Integration

    Integrate your store with Facebook & Instagram

    List your products on social media and let people shop straight through from their social feeds. TDD will set up and manage all this for your business.

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Case studies


    It cost our accountant €50 to acquire a client with the value of that client often thousands over many years so the ROI in this sector can be very high.


    Through paid search we made a sale cost of €40 to sell sets of Garden Furniture worth up to €2000. The  ROI compared to other advertising vehicles is far more efficient.


    Paid search & Retargeting Campaigns cost €35 to acquire a job on average. These jobs vary from €500 into the thousands so the return is again very high. All the client needs to do is answer the phone.


    An international manufacturing client spend approximately €100 on average to acquire a contract which in many cases is worth into the tens of thousands. We run this campaigns across 4 international markets.

  • Solicitors Firm

    We have a had a lot of success in this sector getting huge return on investment for clients. A mix of paid search, targeted banner advertising and social media is a proven formula for us.


    We have had great success for clients also in office supplies and furniture sector. We can specifically target buyers through search and targeted promotion across several marketing platforms.


    We have been able to target very effectively individuals looking for health consultancy within businesses. We have been delivering a regular stream of new customers for our client at minimum spend.


    We have been running a program for a client to get sign up for their online betting and casino site. We have increased 5 fold the sign up rate within a 3 month period.


The key to digital marketing your business is all about effective communication, the right audience targeting and campaign measurement and optimisation. At TDD we have the right skills to change of clients business and big them to next level online. We have a fantastic and flexible range of digital marketing packages for all size business and particularly for the SME sector which require cost effective and sustainable marketing solutions.