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World of Cork Website Design: A Day in the Life of a Cork Web Designer

We would forgive you for thinking that website design in Cork is a rather bland profession. Many people seem to think that Cork website designers are a mundane, geeky bunch who spend the majority of their time deciding which short-sleeved, checked shirt to wear. This, we can assure you, is most certainly not the case especially in Cork web design. We are stylish, sleek, interesting individuals and before you paint us all with the one brush, just have a look at our impressive, jam-packed schedules:

Cork Web Designers – Daily Schedule:

Morning: Looking as Good as the Corkonian Websites We Design

  • Claw ourselves out of bed after last night’s Lord of The Ring marathon
  • Scramble around our room until we find our rectangular spectacles – if it’s good enough for Clark Kent, it’s good enough for Cork website designers!
  • Decide whether today is a long or short-sleeved checked shirt kind of a day (see, we told you that we don’t only wear short-sleeved checked shirts)
  • Naturally, this decision is made whilst we pull on our 5 year old converse. I mean, Cork companies have rituals so why not the people who design Cork websites?


Afternoon: Another Day in Cork, Another Website Design? Not That Simple.

  • Once the above is done, we would like to begin our day with a nice breakfast, but realistically, we’re never going to have the time for that
  • We then go look at our devilishly handsome, ungroomed faces, rush around whilst brushing our teeth, grab every appliance that we can think of and sprint to work while we’re still only 2 hours late.
  • Once at the Cork centre for web design excellence’, also known as ‘the office’, we spend our first half hour connecting our headphones and wireless computer mice, setting up our music for the day, etc. – it’s important to be comfortable you know.
  • We then give a stab at working for a while, only to be distracted by World of Warcraft, start eating rubbish food at our desks and forget about what we were there to do in the first place
  • Later, the panic sets in and we need coffee! Off we trot to our Cork Coffee Rosters for a quadruple shot coffee and then the real work begins – Cork coffee is the best and makes us web designers very happy indeed

Evening: When We Take a Break From Web Design.

  • Before we know it, it’s 11pm, we’ve take-out stains on our shirt as we didn’t go home for dinner and we need to get home in order to torrent the latest episode of Game of Thrones
  • Once we’re home, we stay up until 5am, fall asleep without realising and the cycle repeats itself. Website design in Cork is sounding super professional right about now, yeah?

A lot different than you thought, are we right? Clearly, Cork web designers are just a cut above the rest. I mean, can Dublin web designers, or any other Irish web designers boast the exotic life, devilishly handsome looks and cool, suave sophistication that us from the Cork website design fraternity clearly have by the bucket? We think not. Evidently high-flying babe magnets who live life with that certain je ne sais quoi that oozes for every orifice, Cork web designers are just amazing – you know you want to be us 😉

Cork Web Designer

In all seriousness though – any Cork web designers that we’ve met and who work for us are diligent, intelligent individuals and Cork is a very lucky place to have them.

Go on Website Design Cork, you make our heart sing!

This article on Cork website designers was brought to you by Pádraig Power, marketing executive at The Digital Department – experts in website design and development, based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.