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wordpress best cms themes

Why is WordPress Considered as the Best CMS for Website Development?

Gone are the days, when brochure-ware designs were used for website design and development. Nowadays, websites need to be attractive, dynamic, user-friendly and updated regularly to work well over the internet. This is where the need of CMS (content management system) comes into focus. CMS does not only help the website developers in creating attractive, user-friendly, and feature-enriched websites but, also enables them to make changes in the structure, hierarchy, style, and features of the site easily and instantly. When it comes to website development in Ireland, you have lots of options available in CMS for website development such as Joomla, Magento, Zend, WordPress, and much more. Among all of these, WordPress is widely preferred by the website design company in Ireland for web designing. Have you ever tried to find out the reasons, why WordPress? Continue reading to know the benefits of using WordPress CMS for website development in Ireland.

wordpress best cms themes

Easy to Install and Upgrade

Installing and running WordPress on PCs is quite simple whereas designing and development of website using the FTP programs demand more times, money, and effort. Also, the developers must have a good knowledge of coding during website designing using FTP programming whereas the installation and upgrading are quite simple in WordPress. Even if you do not know how to install WordPress website, you can easily contact with WordPress developers community for installation guides. WordPress also allows developers to add plugins and other components to upgrade the websites easily.

No HTML and FTP Required

Uploading media and making changes in a website with FTP is a challenging and time-consuming task. With WordPress, you do not need to log in every time with FTP and HTML for uploading videos, content, and images in a website. WordPress have built-in functionality through which you can make changes in the content of your website easily and quickly.

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Best at Administration and User Management

If your website is getting high traffic then it must have the capability to manage that traffic and work efficiently. Websites that are designed on WordPress platform are the best at administration and have the power to handle the traffic itself. Unlike FTP-based websites, you do not require administrator details every time for managing contents, images, and other media in WordPress once you create a user profile using the administrator login.

Numerous Innovative Features

WordPress is a popular CMS platform due to its numerous innovative features. In WordPress, you can find thousands of free themes, extensions, plugins, and modules which you can use to make your website unique, attractive, and user-friendly.

Numerous Innovative Features



WordPress provides users the flexibility to create any type of application using the same platform. You can create normal blogs, business websites, eCommerce websites or even network websites using WordPress. Besides, you can always add plugins, extensions, and themes to give your website a completely new look.

Hopefully, now you understand why WordPress is the first choice of the website development companies and entrepreneurs for designing and development of websites. If you too want to design a WordPress website for your business, you should hire an experienced and specialized website design company in Ireland to get the job done in a right way.