WordPress 6.5 Major Highlights - Features and Details


wordpress 6.5 major highlights

WordPress 6.5 Major Highlights – Features and Details

WordPress 6.5, the latest version of WordPress, which has been released by the world’s most popular web building platform, which is full of fantastic new features that can make web design easier and stronger than it has ever been before. In this write-up, we’ll explore some of the key features of this new version, concentrating on the advantages it brings to both web designers and site owners.

1. Cover Block Enhancements

WordPress 6.5 brings a substantial improvement to the Cover block with the inclusion of the aspect ratio control. With the current update, aspect ratios for Cover blocks are easily adjustable so that your images will look just perfect on all devices. This feature is quite convenient when it comes to keeping uniformity and preventing unnecessary cropping on mobile devices.

A great new feature of the Cover block is the automatic overlay color selection according to the image provided. No more hassle with manual adjustments, WordPress 6.5 does it for you, which makes the website design process smoother than ever.

2. Block Naming and Improved Drag-and-Drop Operation

In WordPress 6.5, renaming blocks is easy. Whether you’re dealing with a Group block or a Columns block, you are now able to name blocks, making it much easier to organize and maintain the content. In addition, the upgraded drag-and-drop feature enhances the enjoyment of reorganizing the blocks. The old blue line is gone; when you move the block around your page, you can see where it will land.

3. Box Shadow Functionality

The box shadow functionality is expanded in WordPress 6.5, making it available for more blocks including Buttons, Columns, and Images. You can add depth and dimension to your design by selecting the block and then choosing your shadow option. With a few clicks, you give your elements an elegant and professional look, which adds to the general aesthetics of the website.

4. New Perspectives and Filterings in Site Editor

The Site Editor gets a major facelift in WordPress 6.5, which features robust new views and filtering options for pages, patterns, templates and template parts. If you are customizing patterns or managing template parts, you will definitely enjoy the new simplified interface that will make browsing really easy. Moreover, the comprehensive revisions now allow you more control over the changes and also the facility to revert back to previous versions if necessary, making the design process thus smoother and even more efficient.

5. Font Library Integration

The Font Library is one of the most noticeable features of WordPress 6.5. Now, you can control fonts on every page of your website, including the Google Fonts integration that will provide you with simple access to a wide variety of fonts. In case you want to set up new fonts or bring in custom ones, the Font Library let you do this with ease and upgrade your typography, improving the overall looks of your website.

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Q: What is the best way of adding Google Fonts to my website excluding code?

With WordPress 6.5, adding Google Fonts is easy. To do this, go to the Font Library, click on ‘Manage Fonts’, and respond to the directions to access Google Fonts. Afterwards, with a couple of clicks, you can install your desired fonts.

Q: Is it possible to customize the aspect ratio of Cover block images?

Absolutely! In WordPress 6.5, you can adjust the aspect ratio of your Cover block images to any size you like. Whether you like to preserve their original proportions or specify a particular size, modifying the aspect ratio is a piece of cake.

Q: What about the improvement in the organization and management of blocks?

Yes, indeed! With WordPress 6.5 you are now able to rename any block, and this feature makes your content organization extremely simple. In addition, you will have a better and faster drag-and-drop function in the List View, simplifying the whole edit process.

Q: Which block types are among the new box shadow features?

WordPress 6.5 introduces box shadow support to lots of blocks, e.g. Buttons, Columns, Images, etc. Your design will be livelier and fuller thanks to this new feature.

Q: How do I personalize the views in the Site Editor?

With WordPress 6.5, the customization of views in the Site Editor is very easy. Navigate through pages, patterns, templates, and template parts by using the powerful filtering options and customizable views.


Web designers have now a powerful toolset for them to create visually appealing and highly interactive websites with ease using 6.5 WordPress. The improvements of the block of functionality and customization options in the recent release are another expression of WordPress’s mission is to let users realize their creative visions. As an experienced design professional or a beginner, WordPress 6.5 has something for everybody, making it a necessity in the wordpress development game.