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SEO Voice Search

Will Voice Search Really Remove the Need of SEO in the Coming Year?

Voice search has a long history than probably you can think. It was first introduced in 2002 though it has been gaining a huge popularity among people with the growing demand for the smartphones. Personal assistants like Cortana and Siri have become more advanced with the passes of time which contribute to increasing the popularity of voice search for online search needs. Even several studies confirmed that more than 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults use voice search feature on a regular basis, and these numbers are growing consistently with the passes of time.

SEO Voice Search

Effects of Voice Search on SEO

There are numerous ways in which the voice search feature is affecting the potential of the SEO services in Ireland and everywhere else in the world.

Another Feature which is Killing Keywords:

Keyword-centric search optimization has been already on its way out with the Google Panda update in 2011. Today, Google and other search engines give more emphasis on the quality of the content rather than keyword-centric optimization. In other words, Google no longer provides ranking based on keyword optimization. The majority of websites ranking well on Google are based on the context and user experience. The more user-friendly, engaging, interactive, and relevant your website is, the higher ranking you will achieve on search engine result pages. The voice search also provides context-based searches and results, which means that your specific keyword optimization will become less relevant with the passes of time.

Less Predictable Search Query

When you type any keyword in the search bar, usually several predictable search terms started coming in a list, people usually opted the one among all, which in result bound people to make fewer search queries. When using the voice search feature, people are searching information in exactly what way they want and in a less predictable way. If you want that your website will get found in search results, you must start thinking in how many ways people can find business, what kinds of questions they can usually put up, and so on.

Less Screen Interaction

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In conventional SEO, achieving high ranking in search engine result pages always seems as a great opportunity to achieve success in the world of online marketing. With the advancement of the voice search, now users are able to perform search and get answers of their queries without interacting more with the screen.

Even though voice search has a great impact on the search engine optimization, it does not mean that you will lessen your budget for SEO services in Ireland. You can even today get a successful result through SEO by simply blending your SEO practices as per the demands of the industry.

Some of the Tweaks and Tricks which You can Opt to Achieve Success through SEO Include:

  • Start focusing on long-tail keywords rather than small or specific keywords.
  • Create individual pages to answer as many users’ queries you can.
  • Rely less on conventional web interaction methods.
  • Look for innovative ways to ensure direct communication with your potential customers.

SEO is not all about sticking to any single strategy for achieving success in the world of online marketing. If you will follow this rule, you will surely not get the desired result. You need to look for innovative SEO tricks and tweaks which accommodate the latest SEO trends and technology to stay ahead in the competition. If you are new in the online industry, you should look for a reliable and experienced company for SEO in Ireland especially Dublin to get result-oriented work.