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Why Digital Marketing and Web Design are Important For Your Business-Consumer Organisation

In our modern economy marketing has grown wings. What used to be seen as an addition to a company’s arsenal, marketing is now an imperative function that the majority of organisations cannot function without. Marketing essentially allocates companies a voice, ultimately – what is a company with one? Not only is marketing as a whole important, but ever-increasing importance has grown in the use of digital marketing.


Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing does not simply suffice by creating a social media account. Rather, social media should be used as an additive to your digital marketing plan. Digital marketing as a whole includes your website, your e-commerce, your search engine optimisation, your social media and more.  Digital marketing is crucial in every country in the world from Japan to Ireland and as a Cork based web design company, we can tell you why. Your website acts as the core of your digital marketing where consumers come to feel at home. It is the epicentre of all things related to your company and along with providing legitimacy and a haven for consumers, it is the one space that you control. Here are some simple reasons as to why digital marketing and web design are important for your business-consumer organisation:

  • As a whole, 57% of companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets, with on average 28% of marketing expenditure being spent on digital marketing – you need to keep up with the competition.
  • 63% of companies agree that social media engagement is the best way to build brand loyalty – you can identify with your consumers.
  • 68% of companies have a separate budget for digital marketing.
  • A website is a constant way to advertise your company for free – websites aid in avoiding costs of advertising.
  • Virality can occur online – if worked with correctly, your audience can market your product for you.
  • You can analyse consumer behaviours, thus increase revenue – analytics allow you to analyse behaviours and learn from/about your consumers.
  • Digital marketing and website design can help you to strengthen or rebrand you brand image – you are the architect of your own image.

Along with a vast array of other benefits, these simple facts highlight the importance of digital marketing for your business-consumer organisation. With Twitter’s fastest growing client demographic being grandparents and millennials, Generation X and Generation Y all living their lives via the internet there is no excuse for you not to be part of the movement. Just as important however, is that you do that effectively and put your best foot forward online –  to find out how just contact Cork’s best web design company – The Digital Department.