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White Space in your Website’s Design

Website development has become more and more prominent in recent decades. Naturally, this is due to the importance of the internet in our modern economy.


Nowadays, consumers live on the internet. They look at the internet when they wake up, they often look at it whilst at work, they look at it at home, they look at it while relaxing – it is impossible to avoid. That being said, many companies who undergo web development often forget one of the main aspects – their website’s design.

Website design is a crucial aspect of development,as at the end of the day, it is the design that customers will interface with and not your site’s background pages (of course they need to be working perfectly too, however). There are numerous aspects to website design, but here we will discuss just one; the importance of white space.

Many designers want to fit as much as they can on the screen so that consumers will learn as much as possible about the company and site. This can be detrimental when it lessens white space on a page, however.

White space is effective in creating a clean user-friendly interface that consumers can utilise in an efficient manner. Not only is white space important for usability, but it is important for readability. I for one can promise you that if I go onto a site and am bombarded by text that I will certainly be closing that tab.

Often, pages can loose customers because of cluttered content making it more difficult to use the page. This can be particularly important Ecommerce website solutions. Of course, no content and too much white space is also a negative.

Luckily for companies who have contacted us, they have received beautiful websites with a perfect ratio of white space. This we can state, has helped us to become a fantastic website design company in Cork, Ireland.

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