White space in web design: What is it and why you need it? - THE DIGITAL DEPARTMENT

White space in web design: What is it and why you need it? - THE DIGITAL DEPARTMENT

White space in web design: What is it and why you need it?

White space or negative space is a website design tool that consist in leaving a part or parts of a page purposely l in blank to give readers a break from all the information so they can process it without distractions. Negative space creates a more elegant and sophisticated web design improving user experience by balancing the website interface.

It can be any space like a line or the space between or surrounding elements of website such images and graphics, typography, icons. The letter spacing, margins and gutters on a website design are examples of white space. It is aesthetically pleasing and a fundamental building block of good website design, white space is the glue that holds a good website together.

However aesthetic is just one of the reasons to use white space in your site, negative space has a massive impact on how we take in and process information and it is just as important as the website content, because it helps to improve website readability and performance.
On the age of information, we are bombarded by visual data all the time which can cause cognitive fatigue, confusion and difficulty to absorb it all, but by leaving strategically placed blank spaces throughout a site we can help users focus on the website core message.

Used correctly, white space can guide the user’s eyes from one point to another in the website and stablish information hierarchy creating a path for the user to follow. And the best part of it is that despite the name it doesn’t need to be white, in fact it can be any colour, texture, pattern and background.

The bottom line is less is more and a clean minimalistic website design is key to enhance user experience, increase visitor comprehension and boost a business by keeping people in your website page.

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