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progressive web application

What is A Progressive Web App and Why it Becomes Vital Today?

Google has been working continually to enhance the web browsing experience for the mobile users. In order to do so, Google has taken several steps to help users in finding virtually any kind of service or product on mobile. If you are running an online business, you must approach professional mobile app developers to keep it mobile friendly as per latest technology to remain in competition in this competitive business world. Progressive web apps (PWA) are the latest initiative of Google in order to take the web browsing experience of the users on mobiles to the next edge. Keep reading to know what progressive are web apps, how do they work, and last but not the least whether you should utilize them or not.

progressive web application

What are Progressive Web Applications?

Introduced in 2015, progressive web application is the latest initiative of Google for improving the web browsing experience of the mobile users. It is mainly a judicial combination of the best features of web and mobile apps to give a wonderful web navigation experience to the mobile users. Did you ever think to create a website which feels and act like app? Well, now it has become possible with a progressive web app. For those who want to design and develop a website for both mobile and web, PWA comes as a great time and money saving alternative to do so.

Why Progressive Web Application?

There are many mobile app development companies available today which work on the design and development of PWA. However, many people have doubt whether to use it or not. If you are also in the same confusion, you should keep reading to know about some of the major reasons why you should consider for PWA for your website.

Excellent Speed and Performance as Compared to Conventional Websites

A progressive web app makes the content to load faster and almost instantly in some cases since everything is cached on the mobile device itself. It offers a wonderful navigation experience to the users as compared to the conventional websites. The greater the site will serve the user, the better will be the search engine ranking and conversion rates.

excellent speed and performance

Outstanding Security

As PWA utilizes the most secure TLS connection, you can give your users an extra safe platform for exploring your services and making transactions online. The TLS connectivity eliminates the possibilities of malware attacks, spoofing, identity theft, and so on.

Enable Users to Enjoy Regular Mobile Application while Offline

The progressive web application has offline capabilities as like the regular mobile applications. It is one of the great benefits for the users who try to save their paid data plans, or for those whose network signals might come or go continually and also for other scenarios where one might lose the internet connectivity abruptly.

Hardware Access

As like the hybrid mobile apps, progressive mobile app has all the capability to access most of the common hardware features in both Windows and Android mobiles. Moreover, it can also access some of the iOS features. This means that you have a website with offline capabilities, voice recording, image capturing and so on.

If you are also planning to invest in progressive web applications, you need to approach one of the best app development companies to get a piece of mind that your project will be handled by only experienced and specialized team of mobile app developers.