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Website Colour Scheme Bright

Why Your Website’s Colour Scheme Is Important | Website Design Cork

Of course there is a multitude of things to consider when creating your website and the majority of these are a lot more complex than pondering which colours should go where on your site. You need to ask yourself what type of site do you want, what platform will you use, will you site include Ecommerce? etc.

 Website Colour Scheme Bright

That said, choosing the correct colour scheme can equally be vital for your website and its design. Garish, unpleasant colours can lead to an attack on the visual sense that results in potential clientele fleeing from fear of your sites hideous palette. Conversely, a lack-lustre theme can prove boring and underwhelming and will lead your potential conversion to saunter in a different direction keeping their eyes peeled for a site with a certain edge.

Tips On How To Choose Your Web Design’s Colour Scheme From The Digital Department | Cork:

  • Know Your Audience
    • You need to know who you are designing for! Are you designing for the Tween girl population where One Direction, Little Mix and the colour pink rule the roost? Are you designing for a sophisticated person who likes the finer things in life? Are you designing for tool rental by other businesses? No matter what you need to know who you’re designing for and then go from there.

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  • Use 2 primary colours
    • Using 2 colours and having a 3rd and potential 4th for accent colours leads to a pleasing aesthetic. Too many colours doesn’t allow the consumer to identify the main focal points and leads to them losing interest.

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  • Utilise white space.
    • Your website is your virtual home. Nobody wants to visit their friend who has toys, clothes, make-up and shoes everywhere now do they? Treat your website with the same respect as your home.
  • Be consistent.
    • Whatever colour scheme you choose, be consistent in it over your various platforms – make your Twitter colour scheme the same, choose pictures that reflect your scheme on you Facebook. This will aid in cementing a brand identity in the mind of your consumer.

Ecommerce Website Colour Design Tip:

  • If you are creating an Ecommerce site then ensure that the images of your products on the site are in keeping with your scheme.
    • Generally speaking, white backgrounds will always be the best and if you have a scheme then you can add to that. For example, if you scheme is green, then why not add a green bow to your image when the item is on promotion.

For more information on click on website design Ireland and for tips on creating your Ecommerce site check this out.


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