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Getting a Website Designed? Considerations for your web designer

How you go about building your website can determine a lot about its future performance. Whether it is how your website visitors interact with it or search engines crawl it your onsite structure is integral to this.

Here’s a few important considerations when you are getting your website designed.

Web pages should load fast

Not only is this great for users but also Google measures this when deciding what websites to serve and SEO performance.

Webpages shouldn’t be too long

Unless you have really gripping content don’t make your pages too long. People don’t read a lot on webpages so make it short.

Make sure navigation on pages is clear

Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for and this is especially important that your website is easy to navigate on mobile.

Make sure you compress images so not to slow down your website.

Don’t use images too big all the time but when you do make sure you compress them so they don’t slow your website down.

Go through all webpages for broken links

Carefully go through your website and ensure you do not have any broken links. Google doesn’t like them either.

Good and relevant Content

Put on your webpages what you think your readers might be interested in. And also use the keywords you would like search engines to start finding you for.


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This website article was written by Alan Brogan MD of The Digital Department

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