Web Design Surprising Support For Wimbledon



Web Design Surprising Support For Wimbledon

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Though we have shone some light into web designer’s lives in the past few weeks and the majority of it seems to imply that our only leisure time involves playing online games, we do actually like watching other things sometimes to!

Wimbledon has a surprising number of web design followers who have been glued to it for the past week and a bit (in our office at least)! The hot debate in the office is not whether Wimbledon is worth the watch or not, but rather who to support – and for some team members their favorites are already out!

Why Wimbledon is Loved By Web Design

Every web designer (and non-web designer) in our office loves Wimbledon because of 4 simple things, its:

  • Style
  • Class
  • Grandeur
  • Skill

We have been hooked  to the tournament – we even have our own little web design Cork fanclub going on in the office!


Web Design Cork Wimbledon Fanclub

As I said above, we have our very own little cheer-squad yelling at our screens everyday. From recording all of the matches (even the ones not televised… don’t ask us how 😉 ) to watching in the office, we’ve got this down! Now of course we only watch in office on our lunch-breaks, as we have to focus on our web design, but we’re so hooked we almost forget to eat!

Web Design Cork’s Wimbledon favourites:

Though we’ve had a few tiffs about who we want to win, we’ve come to some minor agreements. For the women, web design is behind Venus Williams. Serena may be the world no.1, but Venus has our hearts.


For the men, we want Murray! He’s talented, our neighbour and a nice enough guy – we’ll give him our support.

Who Are You Supporting?

What about you guys? Whether you’re supporting alone or in your office, do you agree with the web design Cork side, or are placing your bets on someone else?

Lads, the tension is literally palpable in the office! We’ll be onto you soon with our next instalment of our little web design Cork chronicles 😉

This article on Wimbledon & web design Cork was brought to you by Pádraig Power, marketing executive at The Digital Department – experts in website design and development, based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.