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When a business owner looks into ‘web design Cork’ they often focus on finding a Cork web designer, looking at their portfolio, deciding if they like the design aesthetics and then choosing them if they do. Though loving your website’s design is paramount, this is not the way to choose your Cork web design company.

Web design Cork is a lot more intricate than you may think. There are many small tips that you need to look out for when entering the realm of web design Cork. If you don’t look out for said tips, you could lose out on the opportunity of getting a great, stylish, performing website. Look at some of our basic web design Cork tips below:

Web Design Cork Tips For Business Owners


1. Website Design Cork Platforms

When beginning on your web design Cork journey you need to decide from a variety of platforms. Whether that be WordPress, which is a very good system, or platforms such as Magento, Joomla or Shopify for eCommerce. The main thing that you need to do is decide which platform is best for your business before web development begins. Basically – when working with web design Cork, you need to ask which platform your designer is planning to use and assess if this is suitable for you.

2. Is Your Platform Open Sourced Or Hosted?

This is really important in web design Cork, as open sourced platforms allow you and your web designer to alter and add things to your website throughout the process and afterwards. So, if you wanted to alter your website 6 months down the line, that’s no problem! Hosted solutions mean that you are limited to the functionality of the hosted platform. Though some of them are very good platforms, they are all very limited so you need to decide what functionality your website needs.

3. Keyword Research

This needs to be done before your website is built and is really important for web design Cork. This is paramount because it ensures that your website reflects what people are actually searching in the search engines. If you have nice sounding content, but it doesn’t relate to what people are searching for then your content is pretty much redundant – keyword research allows you to ensure that your site is made to fit your customer’s demands. You should use Google’s free Keyword Planner tool for this!

Web Design Cork

4. Build Graphics First

This is is something that not everyone in web design Cork abides to, but something that we are certain about. Here, we call is the ‘design stage’. Building in graphics first allows the design to be changed easily until the perfect fit is found. Going straight to development and then assessing design is dangerous, as your may not be able to change aspects that you don’t like and even if you can it may be difficult and will costs everyone involved more time and money. Some who work in web design Cork take the approach of graphics first and we are passionate about it,

5. Web Design URL Structure

URL structure is super important as it is the first thing that Google reads when diverting traffic to websites. With that said, your URL needs to be keyword rich to drive people to your website. This is something that those in web design Cork are very conscious of.

6. Meta Data

Meta Data is essentially your page titles and descriptions. Again, these are very important for keyword search. Once Google reads your URL, it will read your page title and then description. These are paramount to get people onto your site, which you need to do in order to make it effective – any good web design Cork company will tel you about this.

7. Website Content

Pretty images are fantastic, but web pages with no text will not perform well in search engine. You need to have text on your pages. This text needs to be interesting, relevant and keyword read. You should format this content with paragraphs and ‘h-tags’, which are essentially paragraph titles. This can help make your web design Cork project a success.

There are many aspects that one needs to consider when in web design Cork and the above are some 7 important web design Cork tips. For more, look through our Thoughts & Opinions section.

This article on web design Cork tips was brought to you by Pádraig Power, marketing executive at The Digital Department – experts in website design and development, based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.