Are Web Design Companies Treating Their Websites Seriously Enough?


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Are Web Design Companies Treating Their Websites Seriously Enough?

The short answer is no.

Website design and development has come to the forefront of business in past decades and no matter how much of a ‘fad’ or an ‘extra’ that people think it is this is not the case. Having a website has become a matter of compliance in today’s business market. In fact, over 85% of customers now look at a company’s website before deciding to do business with them. Something that we often hear is, “Oh, a lot of my customers just come off the street”. Though you may think this, you are fooling yourself. Website design is important, as the majority of these customers will have checked out your. What is even scarier is that you never know how many people looked at your site and decided not to do business with you because they didn’t like what they saw – it’s a fact, good website design can make you money.

Customers on Websites TDD Cork

Of course there are also businesses that feel that they do not need a site because they are in the ‘business-to-business’ market and have good relationships with everyone. This is equally incorrect. We for one, never do business without doing a background check on the company that we plan to purchase from and that starts with their website. Can you not say the same?

Website Design is Important – But Having a Site is Not Enough


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Having a website is great. If your website is not designed properly, it is not so great. Badly designed websites give a bad impression of your company and can actually do more damage than good. You need to maintain your site, keep it up to date, keep it looking and performing well. These are all vital and a good web designer can do this for you. Search engine optimisation is also a must as you want people to actually be able to find your website when they decide to look for your service.


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Websites in Irish Business:


For the majority of cities and counties in Ireland, companies understand the importance of web design. This is particularly so for corporate areas such as Dublin. From our experience, we have found that clients in Dublin focus on quality more. They focus on finding the best for their site and ensuring that they invest correctly. Obviously, nobody wants to spend a ridiculous amount on their website and nor should they. Many businesses know however, that it is important not to look for a cheap web development company, but to search instead for a good one.

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Unlike their Dublin counterparts, Cork businesses often do not always see the importance of their websites – to their detriment. We have found that many Cork based businesses are more focused on attaining cost effective website solutions rather than getting the best quality website that they can get. Website design can often be a race to the bottom where quality suffers due to lessened costs. The market should be challenging website designers to be better not worse. This is why it is important that you focus more on the quality of your website and not it’s price-tag.

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The mentality of cheap websites is very dangerous as websites are the face of your business, Cork business owners need to be much more attentive to them. We have fantastic web designers in Cork (such as here at The Digital Department) and Cork businesses should be challenging them to be designing better websites not worse. We also have no doubt that better web design in Cork is better for everyone involved – both the designers and their clients. There is no excuse not to get the best for your business. Trust us, investing in your website is one of the most important things that you can do.

This article on website design in Cork was written by Pádraig Power, Marketing Executive at The Digital Department. TDD specialises in website design and development, from brochure sites to eCommmerce and we are Cork’s premier web designers.