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Want to Study Website Design in Dublin? – Here are Some Great Courses for Training Dublin Web Designers

Web design has been an increasingly popular career choice in recent years and it’s no wonder why. Arguably one Ireland’s main hub fro website design, Dublin has a huge pool of youths searching for website development course each year. With the increase in interest in website design courses, Dublin’s already large choice of courses has grown in the past decade and is continuing to do so.

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There are a range of Dublin website design courses to get you underway as a web designer. This increase in Dublin website design courses is not merely due to student demand, but also because of the demand for web designers posed by companies, both local and international alike. Technology and the digital domain have taken over the world and are only continuing to bloom. Already, over 85% of customers are looking at a company’s website before choosing to do business with them and 70% of searches are appearing on Mobile. Even companies who have websites are now redoing them to stay up-to-date with the mobile optimisation trend that is monitored by Google. Overall, it is evident why ‘Website Design Dublin’ is one of Dublin’s fastest growing Google searches.

Without Further Adieu, Here is Our Pick of Basic Courses for ‘Website Design Dublin’:


This course is a basic website design course in Dublin that is great to get you a good basis in website development. After all, each acclaimed Dublin website designer has to start somewhere right? In this course you will learn HTML, CSS, SEO, Interactive Media presentation and so many other aspects of website design. It really is a great basis for any aspiring Dublin website designers.

HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN WEB DESIGN – Dublin Institute of Technology

 This course is linked with the aforementioned Cert in Web Design, Dublin Institute course. This one is more intense, however. The hDip in web design does not only aid Dublin web designers in developing websites, but also in optimising their sites in order to get the best results out of them – something that we feel is paramount when designing websites.


A little bit out of the box for some people, Code Institute’s web developer course is perfect for you Dublin inhabitants who can’t afford to stop working to do a course. This is a mere 12 week course that allows you learn code and that you can do in class or online. We know that there are many young and old people in Dublin who want to learn web design, but don’t have the time – well this is then the perfect option for you.


Again, different to the others, this Dublin course is an intensive masters designed for those who have not done computer science before. It is a more rounded approach to the tech sector, but specifically helps in developing web applications – a huge aspect for any Dublin web designer.

DIPLOMA IN WEB DESIGN – Dublin Business School 

This course is a 10 week, evening course that may be targeted more so towards the older generation. It is aimed at people with little to no web experience and though may seem easy to those who are adept with the internet, it is great for those who want to learn about it.

Web Design Dublin

Naturally, there is an abundance of other courses and learning institutes who also provide fantastic teaching to those interested in web design Dublin, but the courses mentioned above are some of the best. With huge amounts of new web designers graduating each year, it is no wonder that Dublin is becoming a hub for web design.

This article on Web Design Dublin was brought to you by Pádraig Power, Marketing Executive at The Digital Department, leading Website Design and eCommerce company, located in Cork, Ireland.