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Bad Ranking on Google

Three Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Not Rank Well on Google?

Is your eCommerce store not performing well on Google? Are all your efforts drowning in getting top ranking and excellent visibility in search engine result pages? Wondering why Google is not giving your eCommerce website any attention? If you nod positively, you must read this blog to uncover the facts why your website is not performing well on Google. There are countless reasons which may be responsible for the poor performance of your eCommerce website over the Google. Among all, the top three reasons are listed below:

Bad Ranking on Google


If you want your eCommerce website to score well on Google, it is imperative to follow the rules set by major search engines like Google. A search engine, like Google, is watching every single move and changes in the websites and restrict those websites that have paid, poor, and broken links.

Assuming that you know the importance of quality links, it is advised not to pay someone to link back you site with their website. It is a poor practice and if you do so then your website will be condemned by Google for buying links sooner or later.

Unresponsive eCommerce Website Design

It is going to be approximately two to three years when Google announced that non-responsive websites will be penalized in Search rankings. Having a responsive eCommerce store will not only improve your ranking on search engines but your business reach as well. These days, 80% of people throughout the world are relying on their smartphones for accessing websites. So, if your eCommerce store is not working well on the search engines, you should approach a reliable and renowned eCommerce website design company to make your website responsive. It will surely help in improving the ranking and visibility of your website on major search engines.

Slow Speed

In this cut-throat business world, no one has the time to wait or waste. Everyone is in hurry and so as the Google. Google likes websites which open quickly and offer excellent user experience. If your website is too slow or takes more times to load, it may affect the search ranking of your website.

Slow Website Speed

Even in surveys, it has been reported that approximately 40 to 50 percent of internet users will leave a website which takes 4 to 6 seconds to load completely. So, it is important to ensure that your website should open quickly on all major search engines.

Of course, there may be other reasons as well for the poor performance of your eCommerce store on Google. It is advised to approach only the experienced eCommerce website designers who are able to uncover the underlying factors to transform your website in a way that will work for your business.