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Paul Nigh

How We Spend Our Weekends: Weekend Fun In Web Design Cork

You may have noticed, but we seem to have a trend of Cork web designer posts in the last few weeks and that is because they are just so much fun to write! Of course we love writing about other things than Cork web design, but when it’s what we know the best and what […]

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Web Design Cork’s Surprising Support For Wimbledon

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Though we have shone some light into Cork web designer’s lives in the past few weeks and the majority of it seems to imply that our only leisure time involves playing online games, we do actually like watching other things sometimes to! Wimbledon has a surprising number of web […]

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Dublin City

Want to Study Website Design in Dublin? – Here are Some Great Courses for Training Dublin Web Designers

Web design has been an increasingly popular career choice in recent years and it’s no wonder why. Arguably one Ireland’s main hub fro website design, Dublin has a huge pool of youths searching for website development course each year. With the increase in interest in website design courses, Dublin’s already large choice of courses has […]

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Cork Web Design Euros 2016

How a Cork Web Designer Watches the Euros:

OK, so we’ve recently taken on a new tact of inviting you guys into our lives and showing you how Cork web designers live. Based on clicks, it’s looking like you all are enjoying seeing the men behind the computers, so we decided that we would let you in once more. Now, what do Cork […]

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World of Cork Website Design: A Day in the Life of a Cork Web Designer

We would forgive you for thinking that website design in Cork is a rather bland profession. Many people seem to think that Cork website designers are a mundane, geeky bunch who spend the majority of their time deciding which short-sleeved, checked shirt to wear. This, we can assure you, is most certainly not the case […]

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Web Design Cork

Thinking of Studying Website Design in Cork? – Here Are Some Great Courses for Budding Web Designers:

Web design can be a very fulfilling career and Cork offers a range of website design courses to get you underway as a web designer. Companies have been realising the importance of having a good website and colleges have followed suit to supply the demand. As we know, the world has been taken over by […]

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