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Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile for 2017?

If you’re planning to design a website for your business you have probably hearing countless times that your website must be mobile-friendly. But, why so? Well, one of the simplest answers is because it is the age of Smartphone and it isn’t changing anytime soon. For must websites over 70% of their traffic is on […]

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Mistakes which You Need to Avoid

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Responsive Website

In this cut-throat digital marketing world where everyone wants to achieve the best position, you need to adopt an approach that will help you in increasing your business reach and boosting your business profitability as well. This is where the concept of responsive website design comes into focus. Most of the companies in Dublin invest […]

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wordpress twenty seventeen theme

What is New Coming in WordPress 4.7?

The release of WordPress 4.7 beta version has bought a lot of curiosity among online entrepreneurs and developers throughout the world. A lot of people want to know about the new things coming in WordPress 4.7. Continue reading if you too want to know what new features you can enjoy in WordPress 4.7. As it […]

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motion graphic trends

2017 Motion Graphic Trends for Website Design in Cork

Nowadays, where every day we come to know about new culture and innovations in the world of website designing, it becomes a challenge, even for the professional website designers in Cork, to pave new and innovative concepts. Graphic design is a science which utilizes innovative conceptual art and the latest technology to convey the messages […]

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magento performance optimization

5 Ways to Optimize Magento Website Performance on Search Engines

Owing to versatility, infinite designing possibilities, and possibilities to add numerous plugins & extensions, Magento is extensively renowned for creating small, medium, and large eCommerce stores. Though Magento comprises a lot of innovative features but because of its slow loading speed, many businesses hesitate to invest in Magento website design and development. In this cut-throat […]

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Bad Ranking on Google

Three Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Not Rank Well on Google?

Is your eCommerce store not performing well on Google? Are all your efforts drowning in getting top ranking and excellent visibility in search engine result pages? Wondering why Google is not giving your eCommerce website any attention? If you nod positively, you must read this blog to uncover the facts why your website is not […]

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