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magento performance optimization

Owing to versatility, infinite designing possibilities, and possibilities to add numerous plugins & extensions, Magento is extensively renowned for creating small, medium, and large eCommerce stores. Though Magento comprises a lot of innovative features but because of its slow loading speed, many businesses hesitate to invest in Magento website design and development. In this cut-throat … Continue reading 5 Ways to Optimize Magento Website Performance on Search Engines

Bad Ranking on Google

Is your eCommerce store not performing well on Google? Are all your efforts drowning in getting top ranking and excellent visibility in search engine result pages? Wondering why Google is not giving your eCommerce website any attention? If you nod positively, you must read this blog to uncover the facts why your website is not … Continue reading Three Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Not Rank Well on Google?

wordpress best cms themes

Gone are the days, when brochure-ware designs were used for website design and development. Nowadays, websites need to be attractive, dynamic, user-friendly and updated regularly to work well over the internet. This is where the need of CMS (content management system) comes into focus. CMS does not only help the website developers in creating attractive, … Continue reading Why is WordPress Considered as the Best CMS for Website Development?

professional website design company

Any business who wants to stay ahead in the competition must have an attractive, unique, informative, and professional website. In this digital era, the internet has become the most reliable friend of the people to source information for any products and services. So, businesses that do not have their storefront over the internet are losing … Continue reading Why is it Important to Hire Professional Website Design Company?

implementing background video

In this digital era, where hundreds of techniques are evolving every day, it comes as no surprise that the popularity of full-screen video background in websites is growing like a fire in the forest. Ever since the increased internet speed, reduced internet consumption cost, and advanced browser technology, the websites are now galvanizing with background … Continue reading Best Practices for Implementing Background Video in Websites

When a business owner looks into ‘web design Cork’ they often focus on finding a Cork web designer, looking at their portfolio, deciding if they like the design aesthetics and then choosing them if they do. Though loving your website’s design is paramount, this is not the way to choose your Cork web design company. … Continue reading Web Design Cork Tips

Web Design Cork

Sunny days and summer haze – not things that you would associate with an Irish summer or web design Cork now are they? With that said, this summer has been an overall big improvement on the last few and web designers in Cork are LOVING it! Actually, everyone working in web design Cork seems to … Continue reading How Cork Web Designers Spend These Sunny Days

website design cork

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Though we have shone some light into Cork web designer’s lives in the past few weeks and the majority of it seems to imply that our only leisure time involves playing online games, we do actually like watching other things sometimes to! Wimbledon has a surprising number of web … Continue reading Web Design Cork’s Surprising Support For Wimbledon