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Did you know your business could get up to 60% off the cost of a website with The Digital Department? - THE DIGITAL DEPARTMENT


Did you know your business could get up to 60% off the cost of a website with The Digital Department?

So how do you do? Currently the Local Enterprise Boards are offering an online trading voucher for 50% off your website up to a cost of €5000. On top of that TDD is offering another 10% to businesses that quality for the voucher scheme resulting in 60% of the cost of your website will be […]

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How to Leverage the Benefits of Magento Theme Based Capabilities?

Building a Magento powered eCommerce store surely opens new ways for business opportunities. Magento comprises numerous features which most of the businesses utilize in innovative ways to make maximum money online. In fact, you will leverage a great benefit in your business by simply using the Magento theme based capabilities. Keep reading to know about […]

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5 Reasons Why WooCommerce is the Best Choice for eCommerce Website Development

If you have a WordPress website and you are considering it for creating a unique, user-friendly, and feature-rich eCommerce store, migrating your site to WooCommerce is one of the best options to consider. Introduced as a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce is regarded as one of the best platforms for building a user-friendly, easy to use, and […]

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Know How Innovative Website Design will Profit Your Business

The first impression may not be the last impression but it will surely influence the perception of the users regarding anything. When talking about online business, the very first thing which you need to engage and entertain your customers is an innovative, technically advanced, and user-friendly website. As the user experience matters a lot in […]

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What are the Major Challenges for the Mobile Application Development Industry?

The mobile application development industry has been growing continually since the time of its inspection and will continue to do so in future as well. There are various factors which are responsible for the increasing demands of the mobile application development in Cork. The increasing popularity of the smartphones is one of the major reasons […]

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How do Magento Developers help in Building High-Performance eCommerce Store on Magento?

Nowadays, eCommerce stores serve as a great medium for businesses to expand their business reach and get more profits online. Now, users can buy products and book services by simply using their smart devices and thus significantly reducing the chances of losing customers irrespective of the geographic location. As a lot of businesses invest in […]

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