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The Importance of Knowing your Customers when Developing your Website

There is an indefinite list of aspects that you need to consider when creating your website, but one of the most important is taking your customers’ needs into account. The first question that people used to pose was whether they needed a site or not – whether it would affect their business and/or clientele. This […]

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Website Colour Scheme Bright

Why Your Website’s Colour Scheme Is Important | Website Design Cork

Of course there is a multitude of things to consider when creating your website and the majority of these are a lot more complex than pondering which colours should go where on your site. You need to ask yourself what type of site do you want, what platform will you use, will you site include […]

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Website Fonts

Fonts Speak Louder Than Words in Your Website Design | Typography | Cork

Font is crucial in technology. No matter if you’re creating a website, an app or an advertisement, font should be one of the first things that you look at. What does your font say about you? Are you: Modern? Old? Exuberant? Stylish? Rigid? Serious? Free spirited? Open? Severe? Whimsical? Odd though it may seem, any […]

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Google Yahoo Bing Search Webstie

Business Owners Cannot Afford To Be Aliens to good Website Design Practice | Learn How To Make Your Website A Success

It still amazes me the attitude of some business owners to their websites. ‘My brother’s wife’s cousin is doing computer science course and he’s putting something together for me’. I honestly get concern for SME’s when I hear this type of thing as this ‘serious business’ person has just outsourced the face of their business […]

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White Space in your Website’s Design

Website development has become more and more prominent in recent decades. Naturally, this is due to the importance of the internet in our modern economy. Nowadays, consumers live on the internet. They look at the internet when they wake up, they often look at it whilst at work, they look at it at home, they look […]

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Why Digital Marketing and Web Design are Important For Your Business-Consumer Organisation

In our modern economy marketing has grown wings. What used to be seen as an addition to a company’s arsenal, marketing is now an imperative function that the majority of organisations cannot function without. Marketing essentially allocates companies a voice, ultimately – what is a company with one? Not only is marketing as a whole […]

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