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When investing in an ECommerce system picking the right one can be a daunting task. Many Ecommerce companies a lot of time specialize in developing one particular platform and they will sing the praises of that particular one no matter what. At the The Digital Department we like to see ourselves as honest brokers as … Continue reading The Advantages of Magento ECommerce Platform

do mobile apps work

My Mobile App doesn’t work? A potential client said to me during the week as he debated whether to get a mobile app ‘I heard they don’t work’. I asked him what did he hear about why they don’t work and he replied that he heard people don’t download them. Working in the mobile app … Continue reading Do Mobile apps work?

mobile apps

  How to market a successful mobile app? The opportunity of mobile apps It’s a fact that people browse more now on mobile apps than on websites. The opportunity to market your business with a mobile app is unmatched by other digital platforms if you get it right. At The Digital Department our platform provides … Continue reading Marketing your mobile app

irish biz party

Thoughts on the Irish Biz Party Conference and what its all about. By Alan Brogan MD of The Digital Department Wednesday of this week the 15th April, 2015 I attended the #bizpartyinspires Conference at the Green Isle Hotel outside Dublin. Pulling myself out of bed at 5.30 to drive from Cork wasn’t easy but fair … Continue reading What the #irishbizparty movement is really all about?


What’s Your SEO Strategy? Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia said ‘if it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.’ What I see in cyberspace a lot of business out there seem quite happy not to exist. Existing on the internet is not about just throwing up any website, any old way and thinking it’s job done. … Continue reading Wake up Small Business. SEO can change your life

social media marketing

Social Media Makes Content Creation Key Basic Content Creation for social media People have always loved the odd advert. We’ve all had someone shout ‘Wassup’ in our faces with great delight. But for the main part adverts have been an interruption and irritant in our daily lives. As with most things, advertising and marketing have … Continue reading Why Social Media will make us all love marketing?

social media

Good Social Media can be a free lunch? We hear the term ‘Earned Media’ these days but what does it mean? Traditionally, when you put an advert on T.V or in the newspaper it vanishes in front of its audience. Rarely they may tell a friend about this amazing advert they saw but generally speaking … Continue reading 5 Tips to having a Social Media Mindset

Website design

How you go about building your website can determine a lot about its future performance. Whether it is how your website visitors interact with it or search engines crawl it your onsite structure is integral to this. Here’s a few important considerations when you are getting your website designed. Web pages should load fast Not … Continue reading Getting a Website Designed? Considerations for your web designer