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Web Design Cork

Thinking of Studying Website Design in Cork? – Here Are Some Great Courses for Budding Web Designers:

Web design can be a very fulfilling career and Cork offers a range of website design courses to get you underway as a web designer. Companies have been realising the importance of having a good website and colleges have followed suit to supply the demand. As we know, the world has been taken over by digital mediums so getting a solid grounding in website design can only be a good thing for your future. With over 85% of customers now looking at a company’s website before choosing to do business with them, it is evident why ‘Website Design Cork’ is one of Cork’s fastest growing Google searches.

Web Design Cork

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT (CR_312) Cork Institute of Technology

This course is aimed at equipping young, Cork website designers with all of the correct tools to take on Cork companies’ website design projects in the future. It aims to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends, which will undoubtedly lead to a fantastic pool of developers and can only make Cork website design bigger and better.

This course also includes a 13 week overseas placement, ensuring that all graduates have practical website design experience that they can bring back when working with prominent Cork companies.


This course is a progression for those already trained in undergraduate computing and web design degrees. It aims to produce a premium host of Cork web designers, which is exciting to every who is interested in Cork website design.


This course is actually a conversion course. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who have studied in other fields and either feel that their initial field was not for them, or would like to add to their skill-set by delving into the world of website design.

This website course is more of a rounded approach, with talented Cork lecturers teaching students about website design & development, web server configuration, interfacing with databases and more. If you have a business and want to improve your IT knowledge, this course could be beneficial in your web design knowledge.

Web Design Cork

APPLIED BUSINESS COMPUTING DIP University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology & Cork City Partnership

This course is offered by 3 of the biggest website design Cork influences that there are. The course is 2 years long and provides students with IT skills for developing and operating IT systems, along with eCommerce and eBusiness classes, which are extremely important in our current market.


This course is an excellent choice for budding Cork web designers. Teaching students web development fundamentals, business systems, website design, advanced website development and practical experience, this course is a mecca of web design learning for everyone who comes to Cork to do it – another triumph for those working in the Cork website design industry.


ELearning is a huge new discipline that has taken the academic world of website design and development by storm. Utilised by governments and policy makers, it is now a massive area of interest. This course allows students to become Cork web designers and developers both in eLearning and in general website design. We predict that eLearning could be huge for Cork web design in the coming decades.

BSC COMPUTER SCIENCE (CK401) University College Cork 

This course equips students with everything they need. Focusing on more than website design and development, the BSc in Computer Science in UCC will allow students to have a vast host of IT skills. With regard to web design in Cork, this course is extremely beneficial as the graduates have a vast knowledge of the industry and technologies. We even know students who have made mobile apps and websites themselves while studying the course – website design Cork will be thankful for this course.

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Of course there are many other courses and learning institutes who also fly the flag high for web design Cork, but the courses mentioned above are some of our favourites. With large numbers of new web designers graduating each year, it is no wonder that Cork is becoming a popular place for web design.

 This article on Web Design Cork was brought to you by Pádraig Power, Marketing Executive at The Digital Department, leading Website Design and eCommerce company, located in Cork, Ireland.