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Things to do to achieve great website design

Getting your website design right is key to your to how it will ultimately perform for your business. Each business has different requirements from their website but here are some simple design and website development tips to make sure you get what you need.


1. Set website design objectives:

Your website designer should understand what you want from your website. This can include what website features you need to the website communication. Any website developer who is not asking you this you should find another one.

2. Website navigation:

Website design is not just about looking good it is also about how easy people can get around your website. This is key to the user experience and whether your website will actually perform.

3. Design for a Mobile website:

With more and more consumers on mobile your designer needs to understand proper web design for mobile phone. Your site should be mobile responsive and the layout needs to facilitate easy use on mobile phone.

4. Call to Actions:

If you want people to take certain actions on your website then make it easy for them. Great web design achieves greater conversion for your calls to action.

5. Website Design Structure:

This is particularly important if you are interested in search engine optimization. Having your website page structured with the correct amount of image and text and making sure they are labeled properly is key.

6. Website Visuals:

Your website can have great layout and navigation but if the images on your site are poor it can bring everything down. Get proper photography done that will lift your website. If you don’t have the required images buy some good stock images where you can as these are done very professionally.

7. Website Content:

Put effort into your website content and make sure it communicates what your website wants your users to know. Write content clearly and briefly as website visitors don’t like long winded writing. Attention spans are short now.

8. Website load time and speed:

It is very annoying for website visitors when your web design takes a long time to load up. Make sure you test your website speed and take the required action to speed it up if it needs to be. Make sure images are fully compressed as this is a key reason for slowing website along with ensuring you are using a good website server.

9. Make sure you have a website blog:

Have a website blog or news section is your opportunity to keep content on your website fresh. This is not just good for website visitors who never like stale looking websites but it is integral to any ambitions you have for search engine optimization.

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