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Things to Avoid During Website Designing in Cork

In this digital era, the first impression matters a lot to draw the attention of the users. It is, therefore, important to create a wow factor in your web pages. Clean, simple, impressive, and engaging are the main mantras to impress the users and compel them to visit your website again and again. Whether you are planning to design a website for your business by yourself or hire a professional website design company in cork, you should try to avoid the following web design mistakes:

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Avoid Using Splash Page

Using splash aka entrance pages in the website has really no value in the online marketing world these days. Such pages can only distract the visitor from understanding the core objective of your business. If the users do not find exactly what they are looking for in a second, they will simply dump your website which will increase your website’s bounce rate. As a replacement of splash pages, using a standard homepage is simply a great option to consider.

Having an Inconsistent Web Layout

The improper color combination, inconsistent typography, inappropriate graphics etc. can make your website look clumsy and homemade. Today, aesthetics is vital to grab the attention of the visitors and to convince them to know more about your business. You must make sure that your website follows all the web designing guidelines in order to create an impressive, user-friendly, and engaging website for your business.

Confusing Navigation

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Today, no one takes interest in giving any website more than 60 seconds for finding the information they are looking for. It is, therefore, advised to try making the navigation as simple as possible. Ideally, a home page is what that direct the visitors well. Try to keep everything simple in order to help users in finding exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of time.

Not Directing the Logo to the Website Homepage

A lot of people have a tendency to click on the logo to go back to the homepage. If your business logo is not clickable, users can leave your website. All professional website design companies in cork recommend linking the logo to the homepage of the website to make the navigation simple for the users.

Using Too Many Images, Videos, and Animations

Use of too many images, animations, and video content in web layout can really have a negative impact on the performance and appearance of the website. It will make the website look clumsy and uninteresting. You should try to keep your web layout unique and simple in order to give your users a wonderful experience.

Designing a website is more than an art. You need to have experience, knowledge, and strategy to create a wonderful website for your business. It is, therefore, advised to approach website design company in Ireland to let the work done in the best possible way.