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Fonts Speak Louder Than Words in Your Website Design | Typography | Cork - THE DIGITAL DEPARTMENT

Website Fonts

Fonts Speak Louder Than Words in Your Website Design | Typography | Cork

Font is crucial in technology. No matter if you’re creating a website, an app or an advertisement, font should be one of the first things that you look at. What does your font say about you? Are you: Modern? Old? Exuberant? Stylish? Rigid? Serious? Free spirited? Open? Severe? Whimsical? Odd though it may seem, any […]

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Business Owners Cannot Afford To Be Aliens to good Website Design Practice | Learn How To Make Your Website A Success

It still amazes me the attitude of some business owners to their websites. ‘My brother’s wife’s cousin is doing computer science course and he’s putting something together for me’. I honestly get concern for SME’s when I hear this type of thing as this ‘serious business’ person has just outsourced the face of their business […]

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Why Digital Marketing and Web Design are Important For Your Business-Consumer Organisation

In our modern economy marketing has grown wings. What used to be seen as an addition to a company’s arsenal, marketing is now an imperative function that the majority of organisations cannot function without. Marketing essentially allocates companies a voice, ultimately – what is a company with one? Not only is marketing as a whole […]

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