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Why eCommerce Page Titles are Important for Shoppers & SEO

eCommerce Page Titles eCommerce page titles are crucial for attracting customers to click into your website. That said, it is obvious that the better title you have, the more clicks you will get, thus the more likely you are to increase conversions on their site. Page Title Optimisation So yes, you need to make your […]

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How your Ecommerce development company should plan your Ecommerce website?

If you are building an Ecommerce website following a structured development process is very important both for you and your ECommerce solutions provider. If this structured approach is not followed it can result in less than perfect results and a lot of frustration on both sides. To keep your Ecommerce solution development process as smooth […]

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New ECommerce Website for O’Donovan’s Off Licence in Cork

The Digital Department is delighted to launch O’ Donovan’s Off Licence’s new ECommerce Website solution. The company not only plans on targeting Cork but now on a national scale by offering great savings and free delivery to customers in Dublin and all over Ireland. See the website on At The Digital Department great Ecommerce […]

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The Advantages of Magento ECommerce Platform

When investing in an ECommerce system picking the right one can be a daunting task. Many Ecommerce companies a lot of time specialize in developing one particular platform and they will sing the praises of that particular one no matter what. At the The Digital Department we like to see ourselves as honest brokers as […]

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