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Paul Nigh

How We Spend Our Weekends: Weekend Fun In Web Design Cork

You may have noticed, but we seem to have a trend of Cork web designer posts in the last few weeks and that is because they are just so much fun to write!

Of course we love writing about other things than Cork web design, but when it’s what we know the best and what makes us happy what’s the issue – am I right?

Today I am going to bring you through how a Cork web designer spends their weekend. Though many people often feel that if you work in web design you probably won’t even realise it when the weekend has come, we beg to differ. The weekend is the one time a week where us Cork web designers are not legally bound to be on the internet, yet still manage to continuously be on it – it’s a special time for us.

How Cork Web Designers Spend Our Weekends:

Friday Evening:

Once the clock hits 5pm on a Friday evening and that Friday feeling swarms its way through Cork city we begin our weekend the only way we know how – by staying in the office late to make sure that our web design projects are done on time because we stayed up too late Thursday night playing World of Warcraft!
When our web design minds have finally finished catching up on our week (realistically at 9 or 10 pm) we hop into our DeLoreans, cruise on home, strut into our apartments, put on our nutritious dinner (whatever flavour of Pot Noodle we have lying in our cupboard) and then the weekend truly begins.

Paul Nigh's '' Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

The sad thing about Cork web design is that we love it so much that we actually never stop – genuinely!
Of course, we could relax, go have fun outside and enjoy the fresh air, but realistically what we want to do is learn about the latest web design tricks, look up other Cork web design enthusiasts, play against each other on every online game/forum imaginable and prove our own self worth as Cork web design experts!

Naturally, we do take some time to ourselves though.

When ‘Web Design Cork’ Isn’t the Only Thing Running Through Our Minds:


I’m not going to lie, Cork web design does generally control the majority of our thought patterns, even over the weekend, but we do take some time out for other important things. These include:
Our mammies
I mean, we may be robotic Cork web designers, but nothing can ever replace a good Irish mammie, now can it?
The weekend is the one time each week that we get to go grocery shopping, enjoy Cork’s English Market, get some fresh produce and cook up a storm – so naturally we choose to sit inside and order Dominos online.
Now this is something that we do catch up on! We tend to do this online though… 😛 As we are Cork web design experts, we’ve got all the tricks for online streaming – but don’t tell anyone that 😉
Catching up with friends
Like with our food shop, weekends give us the free time to catch up with our besties. We do this by Skype chatting and creating strategies for our online games.
Continuing the ‘web design Cork’ stereotype.
OK, OK… You can tell from above that though we like to think we’re different, we do tend to fit the web design Cork stereotype just a little bit too literally. We do design amazing websites though so surely it’s deserved?
Each time we sit down and discuss these blogs we have ourselves convinced that we don’t fit into the generic web design bracket, but as the discussions go on we soon have to admit that yes, Cork web designers (or at least us) are pretty God damn nerdy! Who cares though? We love our web design and you get amazing Cork websites – it’s a win-win 😉

Looking forward to filling you in soon on all things web design Cork – bye for now!

This article on web design Cork was brought to you by Pádraig Power, marketing executive at The Digital Department – experts in website design and development, based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.