Simple Tips For Good Web Design ...


Simple Tips For Good Web Design

Getting your website design set up correctly is essential to achieving the success you want online. Your web designer Ireland needs to consider these important elements when designing your website.
Whether you are developing an online eCommerce store or a simple brochure website looking for inquiries these are essential web development tips.

1: Keep your website design clean and simple
In an age when scan reading is the norm, visitors must be able to identify what your company does within seconds. The best way to do so is emphasising your main message, eliminate ambiguous terminology, adding appropriate images and icons.
In this context website design is just as important as the content of the website, is through the design that visitors will be guided throughout the different sections and pages of the site landing exactly where they need to purchase your product or service. User experience, navigation, functionality, and appropriate content are key to a website’s success.

2: Sharing is caring
Social share buttons, those little social media icons on a blog post or product, are a great way to get free publicity. Whenever a visitor finds something, they like in your website design they can easily share it with all their friends and/or followers with the push of a button.
Tools like SumoMe and Shareaholic can be effortlessly added by the web developer during the web design stage to increase social media traffic.

3: Your web design site must be mobile friendly
During website design stage tailoring your site to your costumer’s needs is crucial and today that means mobile optimization.
75% of all web traffic is mobile, if your site is not mobile-friendly this puts you at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors online and will ultimately result in Google downgrading your website on search.

4: SEO
Search engine optimization is how you get found on the internet. Nowadays website design is not just about appearance is about functionality and online presence. You need a website that can be found.
That starts on web design stage, the developer must create an SEO strategy that fits your site and needs using terms potential clients are searching for.

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