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Should SME’s consider mobile app adoption?

Like all choices in business it’s all about return on investment. If I spend this now what do I stand to get in the future. What I find speaking with many retailers is they know everyone is using them and they have ideas to wanting one but they don’t know what it should do to add value.

Here are the top considerations when assessing adopting a mobile app.

1. Audience: Lets face it no matter what business you have your target market are using apps and this is growing at a rapid pace. Your marketing plans should have some correlation with your target’s consumption patterns and if your audience are spending more of their time or transacting more through apps you need to make them part of your consideration.

2. What are the big players doing? For the SME sector it’s always a struggle competing against the big boys. Trying to close that gap in resources and knowledge as much as you can. Well the truth is that most of the big players in all industries are now using apps whether for promotion, loyalty or transaction. They are seeing the value of having their business at the fingertips of consumers and of making a strong app connection.

3. Cost: While the big players can throw large budgets at mobile apps it is important for the SME sector to look for cost effective solutions that add real value.2463767

4. Type of business: The type of business can determine the extent an app can add value. A local restaurant that can run a loyalty program and have its menu at one’s fingertips it can add real value but maybe not so good for the local accountant. It’s up to each business to decide the value they can add for their sector.

5. What can you offer of value? There’s no point having an app without a reason people are going to download it. Apps are different to website and should serve a different function. They are there to serve mostly your existing customers so there needs to be a reason for them to have it. Is it a loyalty program, voucher offers, booking facility or fingertip information? You know your business and your customers so what adds value to them?

6. Engagement: An app is an opportunity to make a unique connection with consumers unlike many other digital platforms. You can now communicate with them at the drop of hat and engage them like never before.

7. Loyalty: There is a huge opportunity within an app to build and encourage loyalty over rivals through loyalty stamp cards or vouchers incentives.

So the simple answer is yes you should consider an app but ask yourself why.