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Search Marketing & Lead Generation with TDD

What every business wants is leads coming in from people interested in buying your products or services. At TDD we do it better than just about anyone. We do the work and you just have to sit back and deal with the enquiries.

TDD are one of Ireland’s leading search marketing companies. When someone searches on Google for a product or service we make sure you are the leading result and they will click on to your website.
We have the expertise in both search optimisation and Adwords and we design a strategy that suits your business best and your objectives and budget.
People will search on Google for the services you do and we deliver your website as a result. You only pay for the advert when they click on it and land on your website. No marketing channel is this efficient.
Not a lot for the ROI you get. Every search term is a different price but for most clients it can vary between €0.15 and €0.50 per click. As you only pay when someone clicks on your website the cost is not high. And Remember these are people who have searched for what you do.
Here are example of some of our clients and the returns they are making.

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Case Studies

  • Accountant


    It cost our accountant €50 to acquire a client with the value of that client often thousands over many years so the ROI in this sector can be very high.

  • Garden Centre

    Garden Centre

    Through paid search we made a sale cost of €40 to sell sets of Garden Furniture worth up to €2000. The ROI compared to other advertising vehicles is far more efficient.

  • Painting Services

    Painting Services

    Paid search & Retargeting Campaigns cost €35 to acquire a job on average. These jobs vary from €500 into the thousands so the return is again very high. All the client needs to do is answer the phone.

  • Manufacturing Consultancy

    Manufacturing Consultancy

    An international manufacturing client spend approximately €100 on average to acquire a contract which in many cases is worth into the tens of thousands. We run this campaigns across 4 international markets.

  • Solicitors Firm

    Solicitors Firm

    We have a had a lot of success in this sector getting huge return on investment for clients. A mix of paid search, targeted banner advertising and social media is a proven formula for us.

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

    We have had great success for clients also in office supplies and furniture sector. We can specifically target buyers through search and targeted promotion across several marketing platforms.

  • Health Consultancy

    Health Consultancy

    We have been able to target very effectively individuals looking for health consultancy within businesses. We have been delivering a regular stream of new customers for our client at minimum spend.

  • Online Casino

    Online Casino

    We have been running a program for a client to get sign up for their online betting and casino site. We have increased 5 fold the sign up rate within a 3 month period.

What To Do From Here ?

We suggest to all businesses try it for a 4 month period and if you are not getting a return you just discontinue it. The cost outlay is low but for many business it is so hugely successful and is a permanent fixture delivering them huge return over many years.