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The Onsite Optimization Checklist Of A Good SEO Company

Do you own a website? Despite being up, beautifully designed and enriched with high-quality content, is your website unable to fetch an utmost number of visitors? Most of the website owners are dealing with such kinds of problems but still, they are in the dark. Let us show you the exact problem as well as the concrete solution to this.

In such conditions when your website is impressively designed and featured with original contents, the problem is not with your promotional activities or content, it is something different. The reason for not getting an expected number of targeted visitors is due to lesser visibility of your website in the search engines. But, when your website is featured with original and qualitative content, how it could be missed by getting good rank in the search engines? The problem here is with On-Site optimization.

What On-Site Optimization is all about?

On-Site optimization is the foundation stone that should be referred as a base during the development of your website to attain better rankings in leading search engines. On-Site optimization helps the search engines to read and show the information present on the website in an uninterrupted manner. On-site optimization is the crucial and prime factor for getting better ranks in major search engines. If you do not plan to go for on-site optimization, there is a meager chance of getting any notable ranking in search engines. A good SEO company can take care of all the points under on-site optimization to help you in this case.

A Quick Look on On-site Optimization Checklist

There are some crucial points that every good SEO company will consider while planning for On-site optimization. We have sorted those points below. Have a quick look to them.

  • On-Page Optimization:
  • Order of Head Section
  • Meta Data
  • Heading Tags
  • Word Count and Content Health
  • Alt Attributes for Images
  • Simple and Qualified URLs
  • Externalization of JavaScript/CSS
  • Sitewide Optimization:
  • Sitemap
  • Navigation of Text
  • Presence of Robots.txt
  • Strategy for Keywords
  • Web Analytics
  • Strategy for linking
  • Server Configuration
  • Privacy Statement
  • Static Pages
  • Static Index Pages
  • Text Over Images
  • Compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Plagiarism
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Setting of webmaster tool accounts for Google and Bing
  • Troubleshooting of Crawl Errors
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Check for Manual Penalties
  • Compatibility of website traffic against latest Google Algorithm updates
  • Site Speed and Performance

All of these points cover the most important factors that any of the professional SEO Company will check before optimization of your website for better rankings in search engines. These practical points build the base that every website owner should employ in the website to ensure that their on-site optimization strategy for the website is heading towards success. The implementation and troubleshooting of all on-site optimization strategies will definitely enhance your chances of earning higher organic rankings in leading search engines.

Need of Professional On-site Optimization Company?

Although David Drake has stated that amateurs built the ark, professionals built the titanic, but this statement does not seem legimate in the case of On-Site optimization. It is something that must be done in an organized and professional manner as everyone is aware of websites being penalized by Google and other leading search engines. Therefore, website owners are always advised to leave this matter in the hands of professionals who are aware of each and every minor detail of on-site optimization.

If you too want to have a full SEO audit of your website before spending a dime on on-site optimization for gaining measurable benefits, contact us today. We have helped hundreds of notable brands to grow online – are you next?

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