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What is New Coming in WordPress 4.7?

The release of WordPress 4.7 beta version has bought a lot of curiosity among online entrepreneurs and developers throughout the world. A lot of people want to know about the new things coming in WordPress 4.7. Continue reading if you too want to know what new features you can enjoy in WordPress 4.7. As it a beta release, no more new features will be added until the final release of WordPress 4.7. Besides, it may also be possible that some of the features which are available in the beta release might not be included in the final release of WordPress 4.7.

New Default Theme – Twenty Seventeen

wordpress twenty seventeen theme

Courtesy: WordPress

The beta version of WordPress 4.7 is one of the major releases of WordPress in 2016. As WordPress always come with new default them with every new release it comes as no surprise to see the twenty seventeen theme. This default theme is slightly different from the previous default themes and is mainly designed for business websites. One of the biggest change which you can see in this default theme is that it comes with starter content in order to help users in creating a new WordPress website in an easy and quick way.

Presently the starter content feature is available for new websites only but it is expected that it will roll out for all the sites with the final release of WordPress 4.7. Twenty seventeen default theme has also crisp typography, large featured images, and mobile-first approach which you can use for creating an attractive and appealing blog theme.

Video Headers Support

Video header is not a new concept. Many premium WordPress themes allow users to add video headers. However, Twenty Seventeen will be the first WordPress default theme which will support video header feature. You can upload .mp4 format, Vimeo, and Youtube videos by simply entering the video URL in the header section.

Theme Setup Flow

WordPress 4.7 comes up with an improved theme and site setup flow. In the customizer, you will see the most polished view of your selected WordPress theme. Search better theme, and improve setup easily from the theme customizer.

Custom CSS in Live Preview

WordPress 4.7 will allow you to add custom CSS in your selected theme directly from the theme customizer. But, the CSS theme will be specific to the theme you are previewing.

Admin Language Control for Users

language control

In the previous WordPress website development in Cork, all users see the admin interface in one language when installing WordPress in other languages. But this is not the case with WordPress 4.7. In WordPress 4.7, the users will be allowed to choose a language they prefer from their own profile.

These are only a few features which you can take advantages of when installing WordPress 4.7. If you want to know more about it or upgrade your existing WordPress website, you must approach a professional and experienced web developer in Cork to get all information related to WordPress 4.7.

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