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Why Magento Website Development is Gaining popularity today?

In this Cyber-era, having an online presence has become vital for an organization of any type and size for getting maximum return on investment than physical business. Building an eCommerce website is not a daunting task anymore these days. There are several eCommerce frameworks and platforms available which will help you in creating unique, engaging, and feature-rich eCommerce stores. These frameworks or platforms are basically designed to improve the overall look and performance of the website.

In the arsenal of many eCommerce platforms, Magento is one of the most accepted eCommerce platforms by the developers for building an eCommerce store. But, do you know why? Continue reading to know why Magento website development is so popular throughout the world.

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Cost-effective eCommerce Platform

Magento offers their users a cost-effective way to design and develop a unique, beautiful, and functional eCommerce store. As Magento is an open source eCommerce platform, you can add as many extensions, themes, and plugins as you want without paying a penny. There are several free plugins, themes, and extensions available in Magento which you can use to customize your website in a beautiful way. Besides, Magento requires a very minimal running cost. The only cost which you need to pay is for hosting, registration, and custom theme development.

Everyone Uses It

In several surveys, it has been found that Magento has a market share of 29.8% among all the popular eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. As Magento offers one of the simplest and cheapest ways for building an effective and efficient eCommerce store, almost all the leading brands right from Samsung and Nike to Ford utilize this platform for designing a featured rich and effective eCommerce store. When a platform is used by such big brand names, you can always rest assure that this platform is safe to use and capable of selling a large number of products online effectively.


Magento is very user-friendly. You can easily operate your Magento eCommerce store by simply having a basic knowledge of programming. Even if you do not have any knowledge of programming and coding, you can easily create catalogs, add images, manage contents, review products, and manage orders and shipment without facing any problem.

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Search engine optimization is important to attain an excellent visibility on major search engines. Magento comprises several SEO-friendly features including URLs, descriptions, meta tags, layered navigation, URL rewrites, sitemaps and other SEO tools that will help you in optimizing your website on major search engines.

Hope now you understand why Magento is a highly recommended platform for building an eCommerce store. If you are also considering for Magento website development, you must approach a reliable and renowned Magento website developer in cork to rest assure that your eCommerce development project is in safe hands.