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Google Hates Your Website

Know the Reasons Why Google Hates Your Website

Doing any work will surely give you an output. It’s a great motivational line but it does not work the same way in the world of website design and online marketing. Whether you are developing a website for creating awareness about your business or to make an entry in the world of online marketing, you must have a well-designed website to make your business shine on all the major search engines. However, getting an excellent online visibility on major search engines is not as simple as it seems. Google is a stubborn judge to decide where your website will be seen on search engine result pages. If your website is not visible in the SERPs, chances are high that Google does not like your website. There may be several reasons why Google hates your website. It may be due to poor website design, SEO, web development, or other factors. Continue reading to know some of the common reasons why Google hates your website and what you can do to (in the context of website design) make your website work for your business.

Google Hates Your Website

Your Website Design Is Out-Of-Date

One of the major reasons which may affect the ranking of your website on search engines is its web layout. These days, Google has become more consumer-centric. If you are still using a flashy, non-responsive, and poorly managed website, your business is not going to rank high on popular search engines like Google. In fact, Google penalizes those websites which are not responsive and user-friendly. You must immediately approach a reliable and renowned website design company in order to build a website that can help you in earning maximum money through an online presence. The professional website design companies have a team of experienced and specialized graphic designers, logo designers, website designers, web developers, and online marketing experts who work in close coordination to create a website that will not only meet the demands of Google but also give your users a wonderful website navigation experience.

Your Website is Not Responsive

As more than 85% of people are using their smartphones for accessing the internet these days, having a responsive website has become a need for every online organization to stay in the competition. Google also does not consider those websites which are not mobile-friendly. You must hire experienced and specialized professional website designer in order to rest assure that your website will open quickly, clearly, and efficiently on all types of smartphones.

Poor User-Experience

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Confusing and complex website design is also one of the reasons behind the failure of the website. You must work on your user’s comfort and convenience to make your website work for your business. You should use high quality and informative content, quality videos, images, quality graphics, typography and so on to give your users an amazing website navigation experience. Besides designing, you must also make sure that your users can easily find exactly what they are looking for on your website.

These points will surely help you in designing a website which will be loved and liked by Google. Hiring a website design company in Ireland is one of the best options to rest assure that your website design project is in a safe hand.