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Know Some Latest UI Trends for eCommerce Website Design in Cork

Nowadays, when everyone spends their plenty of times online. It comes as no surprise that millions of people prefer online shopping due to various conveniences it offers – easy accessibility from anywhere, doorstep delivery, and border collection to choose from. Apart from marketing, promotion, and budgeting, another big topic which you need to consider when planning to start an eCommerce business is the design of the website.

user interface trends


Nowadays, there is a very tough competition in the world of online marketing. You need to present your users something beyond their expectations to attract and engage them on your website for a long time. Continue reading to know about some modern UI design ideas that are trending in eCommerce website design in Cork.

Homepage Shop Details

It is all known that the homepage of a website has a great impact on the users. The layouts, content, styles, and colors should leave a fiery impression on every visitor. Unarguably, page content is one of the most important factors among all. It is what that attracts users as well as search engine crawler on your eCommerce website. You must design your homepage with visuals and content to give your users a wonderful navigation experience. You should design your homepage from the customer point of view or by keeping the needs of the targeted customers in mind. This will definitely help you in creating a homepage which contains everything a new visitor needs to know about your business.

Large Category List

Users experience matters a lot in ensuring the success of the website. You must make sure that your users can easily find exactly on your website what they are looking for. One of the best ways to give your users a wonderful navigation experience is to split items into various categories and subcategories which are then listed on a single page. This will surely help you in providing your users a great navigation experience.

Expanding Navigation

While designing an eCommerce website packed with full of information, you will need to use some finesse with navigation. These days, users love to find exactly what they are looking for within a minute. The drop down menu is one of the popular trends for large header navigation links.

Expanding Navigation











Dynamic Product Info

Designing an individual product page is a very challenging task. There are several elements which you need to consider like the item specifications, features, pricing, photos, reviews, colors, sizes, and various other things. Designing a dynamic product page is one of the easiest ways to fill all the information in an attractive, appealing, and interactive manner. It does not only make your online store look appealing but also make it easier for the visitors to find all the information related to the product at a single place.

Filterable Search Criteria

Not every eCommerce store include filterable search criteria on their website. However, it is just an extra feature which will help users to find exactly what they are looking in limited search results. It allows users to search and sort products based on their preferences.

These are only a few tricks which you can apply to make your eCommerce website interactive and engaging. If you are also planning to design an eCommerce store for your business, you must approach an experienced and renowned website design company in Cork to ensure that your project will be handled in the best possible way.

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