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How your Ecommerce development company should plan your Ecommerce website?

If you are building an Ecommerce website following a structured development process is very important both for you and your ECommerce solutions provider. If this structured approach is not followed it can result in less than perfect results and a lot of frustration on both sides.

To keep your Ecommerce solution development process as smooth as possible here is guideline process to follow which we find about the best. Each project can vary but this is a general guideline:

Client Brief

Preparing as tight a brief as possible with the client is key. The development company should strive to understand the clients business and their customers and then agree the features and solutions that the client should need. Before beginning any journey it is good to know where you’re going.

Design layout from homepage to shopping cart

Based on the brief the website company should now start on the graphic layouts. It is really important also the client buys into this process. Too often the client is easy to approve at this stage and later on in the process wake up to the fact that they want it done slightly differently. This usually results in the project costing both parties more money.

Examination of existing or desired SEO url structure

When building a website you need to look at your search engine optimisation objectives of the client as this can effect the structure of the website. Also, many websites have SEO properties built up and want them restored to their new ecommerce websites. It is very important that the ecommerce solutions provider considers this in the website structure.

Develop and issue CSV file to client

One of the hardest things for the client in getting their Ecommerce website done is putting together their product information. This should be prepared early so the client can be working on this while the website is being developed. Also, the client should be given clear instructions as to how to input the information as incorrections in this can result in mistakes in the system.

Theming Stage

This is where your ecommerce website pages are built. Both clients and ecommerce provider need to ensure that this corresponds exactly to what was agreed at the design stage.

Development Stage

This is where your website pages are built into your CMS or ecommerce platform.

Testing Stage

Check that all functionality is working and your Ecommerce website is doing what it should do.

SEO onsite structural implementations

Without going into the particulars of each there is a long list of onsite optimisation tasks that need to be done before and just after the website launch. If you’re keen to perform well on search then make sure this is dealt with at the develoment stage.

If both the ecommerce development company and the client follow a strict process the process of developing a great ecommerce website becomes all the easier for both parties.