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How to Secure ECommerce Website from Hackers

In this era of internet, most of the customers in Ireland prefer to shop online for their desired products from the ecommerce websites. However, if an ecommerce website is not secure from hackers or fraudsters, the website as well as the buyers are always vulnerable to the stealing of their sensitive information. It is not a new thing that you heard of some hackers hacking a website and theft of credit card or other sensitive information from ecommerce websites. No business wants to let their website hacked or their costumers’ sensitive data to be stolen. So, do you have any idea how to protect your ecommerce website? Let’s us help you if you are still on the darker side.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the basic safety measures and ecommerce website solutions in Ireland that website owners should consider to prevent hacking by cyber criminals. Following are top 9 tips to protect your ecommerce website and customers’ sensitive data. Let’s start

#1. Encrypted Transfer of Data: It is always recommended that the data transmission between ecommerce website’s server and customer system should be encrypted to prevent any phishing attack or eavesdropping. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) layer certificate is ideal to ensure customers that your website is safe for financial transactions.

#2. Never Store Confidential Data: it is not smartness to keep the confidential information of the customers over the server. Always follow PCI security standards that prohibit the storage of sensitive information like credit card number, expiration date or CVV to lower the possibility of enticing hackers.

#3. Set Complex Standard for Passwords: Ask customers to set longer passwords having a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabet along with case-sensitiveness. Additionally, notify customers to change their passwords occasionally.

#4. Configure System Alert: The websites should have the ability to track suspicious transactions from the customer’s end. For example, a merchant should have automated system alert to track person placing multiple orders at different addresses.

#5. Install Firewall Security: The internet is full of viruses and Trojans that can be simply head off by installing the firewall. It actively alerts the administrator to various suspicious events on your server like cross-site scripting attack and SQL injection. Firewalls basically analyze the incoming traffic to the server where a merchant can set predefined access control to allow only consented communication.

#6. Regularly Check Website: Every ecommerce website is integrated with various analytical tools that vigil potential suspicious behavior from customer’s end so a merchant can prevent it as soon as possible. Scan your ecommerce website almost to prevent the attack of virus or malware.

#7. Keep Your Platform Updated: Every major software company dealing with the development of ecommerce website releases latest versions of their platforms time to time to ensure bug-fixing and seamless user-experience. It does not matter whether your website is based on Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify or Zen Cart, always safeguard your website through the latest available update.

#8. Regular Data Back Up: it is also an essential thing for an ecommerce website to have recent backup. It is always recommended to take backup of the data to overcome any unforeseen related to hacking, virus attack, power outage or hard drive failure.

#9 Recommendation:It is always smartness to go a step ahead to ensure an added level of security. Consider below-mentioned points to safeguard your ecommerce website.

  • Always keep an eye to security alerts sent by card brands to update your website against emerging threats.
  • It is always a smart step to add an extra firewall between database and application server to reduce the risk from the web server.
  • After confirmation, conceal few numbers of the customers’ cards in the order review or receipt.

The Final Words…

if you will consider yourself as an individual online buyer, you can realize the importance of security in a website. So, you should also employ the topmost level of security features while opting for ecommerce website development in cork to win the faith of your customers. Relying on the above website security measures, you can fully ensure the optimum level of website protection for the sake of your business and customers.