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What makes a great website design company?

Without stating the obvious to be a great website design company you need great website designers. So the question is what makes a great web designer. Many web developers leave college with great technical and programming skills there is more to building a website than just code and takes a broader range of skills to get real results.

If your looking for a website design company these are the key skills you should be looking for?


1. Strategy and Planning:

There are web developers out there who start designing without ever asking the client what they want from their website. Your website is your most important communication tool and you should be putting a plan together outlining your key objectives. A good website company will guide you through this process.

2. Website Communication:

Not all website designers are experienced at delivering a communication strategy. This is fully much linked to the strategy and planning process and a definitive plan is needed here as to what your website actually says to your customers. Does your website relay the USP’s of your business?

3. Marketing Experience:

Working with a website development company that knows how to market products and services is a big plus in getting the right result for your website. Companies with good marketing experience see your website in a broader light and within the context of an overall marketing strategy. Your website does not happen in isolation from everything else but should be at the heart of it.

4. Search Engine Optimisation:

It is again a huge benefit if your website designer has a knowledge of SEO. The way a website is built is crucial to how it performs on search engines. A good web design company should understand the onsite optimization process and therefore build the website to the guidelines set down by the search engines.

5. Website Platforms:

Using the correct platform is vital to how your website can perform. WordPress for example is a fantastic open source platform that allows you to do just about anything in it. Be wary of any developer using hosted solution where you are limited as to what you can do with them. These solutions are more for people to build their own websites and not for a developer you are paying to use.

6. Ecommerce Platforms:

Magento Ecommerce is the about the best platform out there for your online store. WooCommerce is also good if you are using wordpress plafform. Make sure you do your home work as to what your developer is using to build your website.

At The Digital Department we like to think we build websites better than most website design companies. Give us a call anytime and we can talk you through the process.

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