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Website Fonts

Fonts Speak Louder Than Words in Your Website Design | Typography | Cork

Font is crucial in technology. No matter if you’re creating a website, an app or an advertisement, font should be one of the first things that you look at.

What does your font say about you?

Are you:

  • Modern?
  • Old?
  • Exuberant?
  • Stylish?
  • Rigid?
  • Serious?
  • Free spirited?
  • Open?
  • Severe?
  • Whimsical?

Odd though it may seem, any one, if not a combination, of these labels can be attributed to you the second that a customer sees your page.

That’s right. All that work that you put into a free, fun article – doesn’t matter. If you’re page and font don’t mimic what you’re about then you are fighting a losing battle.

Consumers have actually stated that the use of some fonts can lessen usability on a site – now that’s something to be scared of.

Things to Consider when Choosing Font for Your Web Design:

  • Font type
  • Font Colour
  • Font Size
  • Font Effects
    • Bold, Italic, or underlined?
  • Font Placement

All of the aforementioned are crucial in getting the best results from your font and webpage. You need to analyse them.

Font type:

Is your site serious or carefree? Are you looking to standout or fit in? What do you want to portray on your site?

Website Fonts

Font Colour:

Is black way too boring? Sometimes black might be monotonous and dreary, but when different colours are used they can be garish. You really need to analyse what colours suit your site because colours can either make your site stylish or tasteless. When thinking of colours make sure to add the colour of your background into the equation.

Website Fonts

Font Size:

Do you want you font to be:


or small?

Oftentimes, saying the same thing in different font sizes can have completely different meanings, no matter what your intentions.

Font Effects:

Similar to above, you want to make sure you it your tone right. Highlighting aspects is important but it there really a need to do this: LOOK HERE?

Font Placement:

Super, super important. Do you want it at the top of the page? At the side? On the bottom? What width do you want the margins of white space around your font to be? This is all very important and needs to be considered. Also, for the most part – try to justify your text if you can. It looks much better!

Website Fonts


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