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Why eCommerce Page Titles are Important for Shoppers & SEO

eCommerce Page Titles

eCommerce page titles are crucial for attracting customers to click into your website. That said, it is obvious that the better title you have, the more clicks you will get, thus the more likely you are to increase conversions on their site.

Page Title Optimisation

So yes, you need to make your title attractive, but you also need to make sure that your customers see it, don’t you? Optimising the title of your eCommerce site is relatively easy and yields a lot of profit, especially when compared to the workload it takes to do it.

Optimise-your-eCommerce Website

A key way to optimise your title is to use tools such as Google Adwords to see what customers are already searching. This will allow you to directly target your webpage’s title to those who are looking for it – it’s a win-win for both you and your customers!

Remember, your page title also shows up when you post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so it is a nice way to get your message across in just one line.

Key Words

As we said above, key words are important and you can find them via Google Adwords. Emphasising these key words by separating them and highlight them can make it easier both for your customers and search engines to read your title, thus making it even more likely that your page will be read.

Confused Web Design

Though Adwords and other apparatus may help you in your SEO performance – they are not real people. You need to design you title with your real life consumers in mind. You don’t want to use difficult language or odd combinations just to get a search result. You want a welcoming title that people will actually want to click on.

How Title Length Can Effect eCommerce Conversions

You title length is also SUPER important. For example, who is going to read, “Jason Biggs | Cork City | County Cork | Ireland – Web Technician – Digital Marketer – Search Engine Optimization -…………..”?

Confused at Web Design

No one will want to read that! And more importantly, search engines will only allow a certain number of characters to be shown in a title before adding in an ellipsis as I did above.

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