Custom Design Vs. Template Website: Which One is Best?


Custom Vs Template Website Design

Custom Design Vs. Template Website: Which One is Best?

Online stores or places for people to share ideas refer to websites. In such scenarios, the websites are indispensable in sharing a message by bloggers, small-scale businesses, and anyone with the need. One can develop a website design using two basic methods: start from the beginning or use ready-made templates. You need to know the benefits of going by the first or the second way so that you choose the best for yourself.

Understanding Custom Website Vs. Template Website

Custom websites are created from the ground up to meet your needs, tastes, and branding precisely. Choosing a custom design ensures that every aspect of your website—functionality, colour scheme, layout, and user experience—is thoughtfully created to reflect your vision. This degree of personalisation makes a distinctive online identity that can help you stand out from rivals and make an impression on visitors possible.

Conversely, a template web design is formed by pre-made themes or readily available templates that can be changed slightly. Users don’t require coding knowledge or website development skills because Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress offer multiple templates that they can customise to develop their sites.

Advantages of Custom Design Websites

Here is a list of key benefits of Custom Design Websites:

  • Distinctive Identity: Having a website that is specifically developed for you helps you stand out from the competition by reflecting your brand and core values.
  • Tailored Functionality: You can design a user experience that complements your objectives because you can control your website’s features and functionality.
  • Scalability: Custom website design is easily scalable, growing with your project or business to accommodate upcoming upgrades and expansions smoothly.
  • Optimised Performance: Custom websites frequently offer faster loading times and excellent performance because every element of the website is tailored specially for your needs.
  • Enhanced SEO: Optimising custom websites for search engines from the ground up may increase your chances of ranking better in search results.

Advantages of Template Design Websites

Here is a list of key benefits of Template Design Websites:

  • Affordability: Template websites are cheaper. They cost less than custom-design websites. They start with existing designs and functions.
  • Rapid Launch: Templates allow you to launch your website quickly. This is helpful if you’re short on time or need an online presence immediately.
  • Ease of Use: Anyone can develop and run a website without technical knowledge. This is thanks to the majority of template-based platforms, which are made to be very user-friendly.
  • Built-in Features: Templates often include plugins. They also have built-in features. They let you improve your website. You can do this without hiring a developer.

Major Differences Between Custom Design Vs. Template Website

Let’s explore the key distinctions between custom and template website designs in more detail below:

Custom Design Websites

  • Originality: A website with a bespoke design is created from the ground up with a distinct and customised appearance and feel that complements your business or goal.
  • Flexibility: You can scale and customise the design and functionality to your heart’s content because you have complete control over these elements.
  • Development Procedure: Creating a custom website requires a more involved and drawn-out procedure by experienced designers and developers.
  • Cost: Custom design websites are typically more expensive upfront because of their bespoke nature and the expertise required.

Template Design Websites

  • Pre-designed: Template websites are constructed with pre-made themes or templates that provide a selection of ready-made designs that can be slightly altered.
  • Restricted customisation: Templates are naturally limited in terms of distinctive branding components and design flexibility, even though they allow for some customisation, such as text, colours, and fonts.
  • Rapid Deployment: Templates are ideal for people with time constraints since they reduce the requirement for starting from scratch when developing a website. This allows websites to be launched more quickly.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since template websites use pre-existing designs and functions, they are typically less expensive upfront. However, premium features and modifications may incur additional expenses.

Which One Fits You the Best?

Various factors influence the decision between a template design and a custom design website:

  • Budget: A template website could be a better option at first if you have a tight budget, but be aware that it may not be as customisable or scalable as you would like.
  • Timeline: If you need to launch your website quickly, a template-based solution will help you go online more quickly, whereas a custom design might take longer.
  • Uniqueness: A custom-designed website is the best option for standing out with a distinctive look and brand identity.
  • Long-range Objectives: Consider your long-term objectives and whether you expect high customisation, scalability, and continuous maintenance.


A custom design website can be the best option if you value a distinctive identity, customised features, scalability, and optimal performance. However, a template-based website can be more appropriate if cost-effectiveness, launch speed, user-friendliness, and integrated functionality are your top concerns. At The Digital Department, we recognise the value of designing a website that complements your objectives and aspirations and looks amazing. Our team comprises skilled Web Designers who can assist you with any type of website, whether a template-based website or a custom design solution. Contact us to discuss your Web Design, and allow us to improve your online visibility and reach your goals.