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How Cork Web Designers Spend These Sunny Days

Sunny days and summer haze – not things that you would associate with an Irish summer or web design Cork now are they?

With that said, this summer has been an overall big improvement on the last few and web designers in Cork are LOVING it! Actually, everyone working in web design Cork seems to be loving it.

Web Design Cork

Now, like Irish summer and sunshine, I know you wouldn’t necessarily put Cork website development and the outdoors hand-in-hand. And for the most part, that’s fair enough! Though that may be the case, Cork web designers are Irish after-all and we cannot deny ourselves that beautifully ripe farmers tan once the sun comes out to play, even if we are working in web design.

How Those Working in Web Design Cork Enjoy The Sun

Realistically, though us Cork web designers are partial to those sweet, sunny rays, we’re never going to give up our technology. Whether that be via a nice easy medium, such as downloading Pokémon Go, or something a bit more difficult, we will certainly organise a way to keep tech close at hand.

In fact, if there is something good on TV or we’re just in the mood for a movie binge, Cork web designers often spend the majority of their sunny mornings organising viewing for later in the day. No matter what the effort and/or cost, us working in web design Cork will work tirelessly to get signal in the garden, hook up that large screen and soak up the rays at while watching our favourite shows.

Video Games In The Garden

Have you ever played video games on a big screen in your garden with the sun beating on your back and cans by your side? Nope? Well us in web design Cork have! There is honestly nothing better than a Sunday or Saturday afternoon, our favourite games, some of our web design buddies, a few beers and the sun on our back. Honestly, we in web design Cork know how to do sun.

Web Design Cork

I bet you didn’t realise just how cool web design Cork could be, now did you? Wait for it now, next time we’ve a mini heatwave the phones in every web design Cork office will be off the hook with you calling for an invite!

That’s it for the moment in our web design Cork chronicles – we’re off to plan our evening.

This article on sunshine & web design Cork was brought to you by Pádraig Power, marketing executive at The Digital Department – experts in website design and development, based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.