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Cork Web Design Euros 2016

How a Cork Web Designer Watches the Euros:

OK, so we’ve recently taken on a new tact of inviting you guys into our lives and showing you how Cork web designers live. Based on clicks, it’s looking like you all are enjoying seeing the men behind the computers, so we decided that we would let you in once more. Now, what do Cork website designers have in relation to the Euros 2016? A lot more than you would think!

Cork Web Designers and Their Role for the Euros 2016:


 OK, so we’re not exactly in the thick of the Euros, us Cork website design fanatics. That said, we still seem to be everybody’s go-to guys. Though we are LOVING the Euros so far, we’re going to be honest and say that we’re also finding them a little bit stressful. No, this is not merely because us Cork web designers are a bit on the nerdy side and find it difficult squeezing our way through the crowds at busy venues such as The Courtyard On Sober Lane, but also because our friends abuse us. Yes, you heard that right – Corkonians ABUSE their website design friends!

Cork Web Design Euros 2016

Friends, Abuse and Why Being a Cork Web Designer is Not All That it’s Cracked up to be: 

Just because we know a thing or 2 (or 50) about web design, our friends use us as their personal tech experts. Your computer is broken Sharon? Call me on my day off why don’t you?!

Again, that may not seem to 100% align with the Euros, but here is how they fit:

Luckily, for us, we’ve managed to save some time, as the Euros are being broadcast on RTE, but just like when Wes scored that goal against Sweden, it’s not all celebrations. People STILL manage to get onto us. They need to know how they can connect their televisions to their projectors, how they can tape the match on their laptops, how they can use their laptop and watch the match simultaneously (believe it or not, a lot of our younger friends don’t have televisions). Being a Cork website designer has turned into a nightmare!

Euros 2016 Cork

Yes, we are website designers, but that does not mean that we are television experts too – friends, we love you and all, but please Google for yourself every now and again and leave us design our websites in peace 😛

That said, watching the Euros has been a treat so far. We have our own Cork abode where we meet up as a little Cork website design team and hide from the rest of the world and it has been blissful thus far. We’ll fill you in on some more Cork website design stories soon.

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