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Online Customer Service – Introducing Real-Time Messaging For Your Website

Live Chat On Your Website When we visit a website or online store and they have a little bubble in the bottom right hand corner, we think of live chat, right? In most cases, you’d be right. Live chat has been around for a long time and the concept is spot on! “We are here, […]

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Cyber Liability: Hype or a Real Threat ?

– Sony Loses $100m in Cyber Attack – Talk Talk Loses £3.5m in Cyber Attack by 15 Year Old – Estimated Cost of Cyber Crime in 2016 $120.1bn We have all read these headlines and there has been a lot of press recently regarding cyber liability and the exposures companies face on cyber threat. So […]

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Irish Businesses: Time To Get Smart About Payments

Irish eCommerce Sites Vs. Those Abroad Online commerce is a huge market bursting with opportunity, but unfortunately Irish shoppers are spending a lot of their euros abroad. 86% of Irish online shoppers (1.9 million people) made overseas purchases in the past 12 months—making Ireland the world leader for international online spending. Last year, that amounted […]

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Cyber Insurance 101 for eCommerce Website Companies

A disclaimer to begin with – there is no one ‘Cyber Insurance’ product. There are several – each insurer has its own take and coverage varies wildly. Some offer limited policies which offer to repair your IT systems after a hack/virus. The broadest policies respond to accidental and malicious losses and include cover for bringing […]

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Tribal Marketing and Tribal Branding

Brendan Richardson is a lecturer who focuses strongly on consumer behaviour and tribalism. With the new age of the internet, this has become a key focus when designing many websites. This is particularly so when considering website design for business-to-consumer brands. Below is an article by Brendan on the how to approach tribal marketing: Tribal […]

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Why use Video on your Website? Video is the new darling of the marketing world and it isn’t just a passing trend. Video makes up approx. 74% of online traffic at the moment and this will more than likely increase by next year. Chances are you yourself have watched a video in the last 24 […]

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