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implementing background video

Best Practices for Implementing Background Video in Websites

In this digital era, where hundreds of techniques are evolving every day, it comes as no surprise that the popularity of full-screen video background in websites is growing like a fire in the forest. Ever since the increased internet speed, reduced internet consumption cost, and advanced browser technology, the websites are now galvanizing with background videos in the homepage background. From entertainment, government and creative to business, you can easily find thousands of websites which incorporate video background. If you too are planning to incorporate video background in your website, continue reading to have a clear idea about the latest video background trends and the best practices for implementation in website design in Cork.

implementing background video


Simple Video with Contrast

One of the best ways to use video backgrounds in a website is to create a heavy contrast between the page text and the video. A simple rule which most of the professional website designers in Cork are implementing in this context is the use of lighter text with dark video or dark text with light video. It definitely works in making your website more eye-catching, colourful, and uniform. Although, this tile pattern method is not foolproof. However, it really looks and works wonderfully.

Just Say Mute

You can easily find numerous websites over the internet which comprises video media with an auto-play audio feature. It is not a good practice. Even in surveys, it has been found that most of the users abandon such websites because of the unrequested noise. Websites must give the freedom to the users whether to play the sound or not. You can use mute video to make your website more interactive and engaging.

Partial-Height Video

It is not mandatory that all video backgrounds must fit a full-screen interface. It will be great to use video background at a height which perfectly goes with your website design. A video background is mainly used to make a website more appealing, interactive, and engaging. As we know that each website design project is different from each other, it would be good to check all the options to select the best video background for your website.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is another technique which you can use to give your website a unique, attractive, and appealing look. The website designers in Cork utilize this technique to create an appealing effect while scrolling down the page.


Integrating video background in the websites is surely one of the latest and best trends of the web world where you can showcase the detailed or conceptual overview of your business over the front page. The renowned website designers in Cork can easily implement these videos in your website without making a fuss. So if you want to re-brand your website or business, video background designs will surely make a perfect choice.

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