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Amazon Marketing Services & Export Expansion

TDD has a team of Amazon experts in all the major Amazon markets including the UK, US, Germany, Australia and more. Our team will develop and manage your Amazon Strategy from how to get going to how to market successfully once there. Amazon is not just a hugely successful selling marketplace but a huge opportunity to brand and export your products internationally.

Why Amazon Needs To Be Centre Of Your Retail & Branding Strategy

The amazing stats
  • Amazon is 35% of UK, 49% of US Online Sales.
  • 90% of UK Shoppers use Amazon.
  • Amazon is the UK’s 5th largest retailer.
  • Shoppers are 6 times more likely to buy a product they search on Amazon than Google.It is growing hugely across Europe and Asia.

Our Amazon Service

We can tailor your Amazon service to reflect your ambitions and budgets. This can range from listing optimisation to ongoing management of your Amazon Strategy and marketing.

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    Amazon Market Appraisal

    We can research and find how your product category and competitors are performing on Amazon platforms right now and what the opportunity is. We also examine demand search activity to see what people are looking for. This is essential ground work for a good strategy.

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    Strategy & Roadmap

    Once we have completed the appraisal we then are in a position to put together a plan of action for you to launch on Amazon effectively.

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    Set up, Launch & Product listing optimisatioN

    From how you sell on Amazon to setting up your products and optimising them to perform when people search for them. We also help you with other key factor like strategy around reviews.

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    Amazon marketing Services

    The Amazon marketplace offers many marketing tools within it to help product owners to get their products launched. We have expert Amazon marketers to set up and optimise your Amazon marketing strategy.

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    Amazon Consultancy

    Once we have completed the appraisal we then are in a position to put together a plan of action for you to launch on Amazon effectively.

Our Amazon Team

Our Amazon marketing team also include some former Amazon workers which gives them a unique insight into how Amazon works and how it could work best for you. Our Amazon marketing team understands all the strategies and processes of Amazon and what they want from you in order for you to succeed.

Who is our Amazon service suitable for

Selling on Amazon internationally is a huge opportunity and we are looking for companies committed to making it happen and letting us help them do that.

  • Small business brands
    Small businesses looking for cost effective ways to launch an international export market. We can tailor a plan for you.
  • Existing Amazon sellers
    Are you not achieving what you think you should be on Amazon? Bring in our expert team to analyse your current performance and set you on the right foot.
  • Large business looking for an International Amazon Export strategy
    Even when your customers are at home you can engage them with your business keeping you top of mind.

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